Sam’s jellyfish jelly

My daughters have this habit of cooking something -- anything -- when they're stressed out. It's final exams week and moods are volatile. On Saturday evening, Alex de-stressed by cooking a cheese omelet. Well, Sunday morning, actually because it was after midnight already. … [Read more...]


Sam’s rum, lychee and lemon cocktail

The recipe was born as an afterthought. Sam loves lychees -- canned, for convenience -- and her favorite thing to do with them is to make a lychee smoothie by roughly pureeing the fruits in a blender along with the syrup, sugar and ice. But because she can't finish an entire … [Read more...]


Buko (coconut) and lychee sorbet

The first time I made a sorbet (see mango rum sorbet), I did not use an ice cream maker. I had none at the time. I didn't even know I would get one eventually. So, yes, it is possible to make a sorbet with no fancy equipment. It takes longer though and a lot more work but … [Read more...]