Lobster balls and long beans stir fry

Sam likes buying those frozen seafood balls in the grocery -- fish balls, squid balls, shrimp balls, prawn balls, crab balls, lobster balls... I always ask her to choose fish balls over the others because I am allergic to crustaceans. Last time, she wanted lobster balls and … [Read more...]


Pork, mushrooms and green beans adobo

How many ways can one cook adobo? Ooohh... let me count the ways... Okay, I give up. Countless ways. With chicken and hard-boiled eggs, as stuffing for burrito, corned beef style, with liver sauce, with lemongrass, with eggs only -- exotic or eye candy, with green beans, … [Read more...]


Stir fried chicken, almonds and skiitake mushrooms

Inspired by a recipe called Marc's cashew chicken, I made a stir fry using very Asian seasonings and ingredients. Well, except for the almonds. I would have used cashew or pili nuts but I had none in the pantry so I used the only nuts I had -- slivered almonds that I had … [Read more...]


Spicy, herb – y adobong sitaw

The classic adobong sitaw gets more than a superficial facelift with the addition of chili garlic sauce (yes, yes, I am quite addicted to the stuff), egg strips, cilantro and toasted onion bits. Onion bits? Yes, onion bits. Garlic bits are too predictable already. Besides, … [Read more...]


Adobong sitaw 2

I have an older recipe for adobong sitaw where I used small cubes of pork belly. This time, I used ground lean pork.Is there much difference? Well, adobo is basically a fatty dish. It just doesn't taste right unless there is some fat in the meat and the sauce (I have a … [Read more...]


Pinakbet without bagoong

The title of the entry sounds sacrilegious, I know. Pinakbet without bagoong. Well, tough. I am allergic to bagoong (shrimp paste) and even its fish version. In fact, there are certains brands of patis (fish sauce) that do not agree with me as well. Ironically, I love the … [Read more...]


Lasang Pinoy 9: offal in Filipino dishes

The roundup for Lasang Pinoy 9: Lamang-loob: Odd cuts and guts is already up. I was able to squeeze in a few minutes of bloghopping last night and a visit to JMom's reminded me I am late once more with my Lasang Pinoy entry. Without much ado, my entry is a kind of summary of … [Read more...]