Lobster balls and long beans stir fry


Sam likes buying those frozen seafood balls in the grocery -- fish balls, squid balls, shrimp balls, prawn balls, crab balls, lobster balls... I always ask her to choose fish balls over the others because I am allergic to crustaceans. Last time, she wanted lobster balls and she couldn't be persuaded to choose something else. I sighed -- resigned to the fact that I won't … [Read more...]

Adobong sitaw sa gata (yard-long beans adobo with coconut cream)


There are at least three adobong sitaw recipes in this blog -- classic, spicy and herb-y, and low-fat -- but, today, I came up with yet another great variation for this Filipino favorite. By adding thick coconut cream a few minutes before cooking time is up, the dish acquires a subtly sweet taste and turns incredibly creamy. … [Read more...]

Pork, mushrooms and green beans adobo


How many ways can one cook adobo? Ooohh... let me count the ways... Okay, I give up. Countless ways. With chicken and hard-boiled eggs, as stuffing for burrito, corned beef style, with liver sauce, with lemongrass, with eggs only -- exotic or eye candy, with green beans, with white button mushrooms, with frog legs and quail eggs, with lamb, with catfish, with squids, with … [Read more...]

Sinigang na baboy (pork and vegetables in tamarind broth)


"Pork and vegetables in tamarind broth" is not the literal translation of sinigang na baboy. Rather, it is a description of the classic Filipino sour soup with pork and a medley of vegetables. Although tamarind is the most popular, and common, ingredient for flavoring sinigang, other fruits like kamias may be used. When cooking sinigang with seafood instead of meat, … [Read more...]

Stir fried chicken, almonds and skiitake mushrooms


Inspired by a recipe called Marc's cashew chicken, I made a stir fry using very Asian seasonings and ingredients. Well, except for the almonds. I would have used cashew or pili nuts but I had none in the pantry so I used the only nuts I had -- slivered almonds that I had intended to use to bake cookies. I'll just have to replenish them when I'm ready to bake my almond … [Read more...]

Spicy, herb – y adobong sitaw


The classic adobong sitaw gets more than a superficial facelift with the addition of chili garlic sauce (yes, yes, I am quite addicted to the stuff), egg strips, cilantro and toasted onion bits. Onion bits? Yes, onion bits. Garlic bits are too predictable already. Besides, there's enough garlic in the adobo. Onion bits add a sweetish flavor to the dish and, combined with … [Read more...]

Adobong pata ng baboy (pork hock) at sitaw (string beans)


There are two versions of adobong sitaw in my archives, one using liempo (pork belly) and, the other, using ground pork and topped with hard-boiled eggs. I was wondering if pork pata meat could further improve an already excellent dish. And I also wondered how far one pata could go. See, we're having some woodwork done in the house so there are more people during lunch … [Read more...]

Adobong sitaw 2


I have an older recipe for adobong sitaw where I used small cubes of pork belly. This time, I used ground lean pork.Is there much difference? Well, adobo is basically a fatty dish. It just doesn't taste right unless there is some fat in the meat and the sauce (I have a little trick for solving that problem). So, using ground lean pork does make a difference. I suppose … [Read more...]

Pinakbet without bagoong


The title of the entry sounds sacrilegious, I know. Pinakbet without bagoong. Well, tough. I am allergic to bagoong (shrimp paste) and even its fish version. In fact, there are certains brands of patis (fish sauce) that do not agree with me as well. Ironically, I love the Ilocano classic dish called pinakbet--not for the bagoong-flavored sauce but for the wonderful mixture … [Read more...]

Lasang Pinoy 9: offal in Filipino dishes


The roundup for Lasang Pinoy 9: Lamang-loob: Odd cuts and guts is already up. I was able to squeeze in a few minutes of bloghopping last night and a visit to JMom's reminded me I am late once more with my Lasang Pinoy entry. Without much ado, my entry is a kind of summary of previous recipes I have posted using offal or internal organs.Lengua (ox or pork tongue) … [Read more...]