Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey plus how I cooked the leftovers

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

*Originally posted in October 13, 2009 after the Ondoy floods, I am reposting these turkey recipes for those who are looking for creative ways to prepare leftover turkey meat. Two turkey leftover recipes in this post -- and don't miss the additional list at the end of the second recipe.The week after typhoon Ondoy hit the country and people were panic-buying and … [Read more...]

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Cold and wet day. I've had three cups of coffee since I woke up this morning, I wondered if a cocktail drink would be good to keep me warm but I finally decided on a hot brew. Salabat (ginger brew), often sweetened with honey and flavored with a little kalamansi juice, is reputedly good to combat colds and coughs (and, for singers, preserve voice quality), it looks like I … [Read more...]

Lemongrass iced tea with wild honey


The lemongrass iced tea you see in the photo was made from fresh lemongrass stalks. The stalks were boiled, allowed to infuse and cooled. Then, I added honey, slices of lemon and orange, and ice.See, we stay away from powdered drinks. Not for any of the scary reasons circulating on the internet but because of a gory personal experience. When the girls were very young, … [Read more...]

Broiled salmon with lemongrass and ginger


Grind the herbs and spices, mix with a little olive oil, spread on both sides of the salmon then broil the fish. Easy peasy. I have lemongrass, ginger and Holy basil growing in my garden and those were what I used.If you think it's too much work grinding the herbs and spices, or if you find it impractical to buy a bundle of lemongrass and large chunks of ginger when … [Read more...]

Pineapple and chicken rice


And so I bring home a taste of Phuket. Last Saturday, I cooked this chicken and pineapple rice and my daughters and I had it for lunch. I would have cooked it days earlier, heaven knows how excited I was to try it, but my older daughter (who took the photo for this article) is only home on weekends and I promised her I would wait until she was home before making this … [Read more...]

Fried chicken, Asian style


Some people like their fried chicken without breading; others prefer to enjoy it with a coating of flour, bread crumbs, corn meal or even crushed corn flakes, Southern style. "Southern", of course, refers to the Southern states of the United States where chicken is traditionally seasoned, dipped in buttermilk then dredged in the coating mixture before deep … [Read more...]

Chicken adobo with lemongrass


It's such a challenge photographing a dish that doesn't look colorful. With or without soy sauce, adobo looks plain and photos just can't seem to justify its wonderful flavors and textures. But then again, in food blogging, photos are aids and it is the food that's important. I never thought that adobo with lemongrass would amount to much until I cooked a pot and was … [Read more...]

Vietnamese beef stew

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Five out of the ten times we ate at Pho Hoa Restaurant, my husband ordered the beef stew served with buttered French bread (see photo). I've tasted it, liked it, and promised him that, someday, I'd cook Vietnamese beef stew at home. My husband, Speedy, was away for three days on a planning workshop and he's coming back tonight. I thought that Vietnamese beef stew for … [Read more...]

Lemongrass tamarind chicken

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It is curious how one finds the basic sweet and sour dish in the cuisine of every Southeast Asian country. We Filipinos have our escabeche; the Thai have their Pad Preow Wan Kai (they even have a name for their sweet and sour sauce -- Nam Jim Priao Wan); the Malaysians have a cooking style known as Masak Branda / Belanda which, according to Bee of Rasa Malaysia, applies to … [Read more...]

Chicken and coconut cream soup (tom kha gai, gai dom kha or tom khaa kai)


A chicken soup with coconut cream that is known alternatively as tom kha gai, gai dom kha or tom khaa kai. The recipes vary but they all for the same Thai chicken soup with coconut cream, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. I tried it at a Thai restaurant last weekend, bought a Thai cookbook and made the soup last night with a few modifications of the cookbook … [Read more...]