Baked herbed 2-citrus chicken

Father's Day in our house just means Speedy is exempt from chores. On Mother's Day, I am exempt from chores. At least, it was ... (more)


South Asian Lemon Rice

It's isn't yellow because of the lemon fruit although this rice dish has both lemon juice and lemon zest. It derives its ... (more)


Lemon chicken with walnuts

This dish was inspired by a recipe called tangerine beef which I found in one of my cookbooks. I don't have access to fresh ... (more)


Lemon and poppy seed cookies

When we go to Dome Cafe, I look forward to enjoying those small round almond cookies that come with every cup of coffee. And ... (more)


Lemon squares

This is an updated version of a recipe originally published in May 23, 2005. This pastry comes by many names. Cut them into ... (more)


Green tea and herb infusion

There are a lot of beliefs associated with a hot drink first thing in the morning. Some say it warms up the body and ... (more)