3-minute salad dressing

3-minute salad dressing

There are two things that, in a perfect world, Sam would vote to be on the dinner table for each and every meal — soup and salad. Sad to say, it isn’t a perfect world. We had a soup for lunch yesterday but no salad. And, for dinner, we had a salad but no soup. Still and all, since she got both a soup and a salad on the same day, I’d say she got a pretty good deal.

Now, about the salad… Speedy wanted everything in it — greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, crumbled bacon, hard-boiled eggs. He prepared them all — except the dressing. That’s my job. I asked him what he preferred — a light dressing, vinaigrette-style, or something creamier like Caesar salad dressing? Something creamier, he said. I checked what we had and whipped up what turned out to be a great dressing — not as thick as Ceasar salad dressing but just as tasty with the right amount of acidity balanced by sweetness. Just the way we like our dressing. »

Sam’s rum, lychee and lemon cocktail


The recipe was born as an afterthought. Sam loves lychees -- canned, for convenience -- and her favorite thing to do with them is to make a lychee smoothie by roughly pureeing the fruits in a blender along with the syrup, sugar and ice. But because she can't finish an entire can of lychees by herself, whenever she makes … »