Braised lamb with chilies, crushed pineapple, lemongrass and ginger


What would you do if you discovered that the lamb chops you bought weren't of good quality? Last weekend, I bought four packs (almost two kilos total) of lamb chops, we grilled almost three packs for a small party that we hosted and, to my dismay, the lamb chops weren't as tender as I wanted them to be. No one complained though and my daughters were still happily devouring … [Read more...]

A la Welsh cawl (boiled lamb and vegetables soup)


My culinary acquaintance with lamb has largely been limited to grilled lamb chops and lamb stews. I have never boiled lamb and served the meat in a clear soup. Then, I came across a description of the Welsh cawl, my interest was aroused but not enough to make a determined effort to buy the ingredients and cook the soup at home.Surprisingly, Speedy came across the … [Read more...]

Grilled lamb and pesto rice


Cooked a month ago, I postponed posting the recipe thinking I should wait for a special occasion to do so. It's Valentine's Day on Sunday, if you're thinking of cooking something really memorable for someone special, here's something to rock his or her world. Lamb chops seared on a grill then baked with rice drizzled with home made pesto and julienned sun-dried tomatoes in … [Read more...]

Honey-glazed, herb-crusted whole leg of lamb


Christmas must really be in the minds of Filipinos because requests for Noche Buena ideas are pouring in. Not surprising, actually, considering that they're playing Christmas carols in supermarkets and queso de bola and ham in festive holiday packaging are already lining the shelves. The subliminal effect is just tremendous and it's hard not to think about family reunions … [Read more...]

Lamb chops in a stirfry?

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When you have more lamb chops than you care to grill, when you feel like another meal with grilled lamb chops will make you tear your hair out, what do you do? Me, I carved the lamb meat off the bones, cut them into strips, cooked the lamb with tausi and vegetables and voila! Lunch today was stir fried lamb chops. You're shocked? Sounds like an insult to lamb chops? Gee, … [Read more...]

Lamb chops, grilled indoors


I love grilled food. Grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled pork... even grilled vegetables. But outdoor charcoal grilling requires too much work. I tried using an electric grill but the power consumption was astronomical. Result? We had been doing very little grilling during the past several months.The sabbatical from home-grilled food was combined with a delicious … [Read more...]

Fresh herbs in my lamb curry


Lamb curry is almost always associated with India where it most probably originated. But lamb curry also figures prominently in Southeast Asian cooking, particularly in Indonesia where it is known as Gulai Korma, Malaysia and Thailand. In the Southeast Asian versions of the dish, fish sauce (patis) is used as seasoning.We had lamb curry for lunch yesterday and I used … [Read more...]

Lamb biryani


The first time I cooked lamb biryani was sometime during the last quarter of 2005 after viewing an episode of Globe Trekker in the Travel & Living Channel. Floyd was in India and he visited this rich guy who cooked lamb biryani for the show. He cooked it the traditional way, lining the pan's edges with dough before putting the cover to prevent steam from escaping. That was … [Read more...]

Lamb adobo


There was a time when my family went lamb-crazy. We grilled lamb chops almost every two weeks and when we got bored with the chops, I learned to cook a whole leg of lamb and even served it once like ham. There came a point when my husband suddenly couldn't stand the peculiar odor of lamb. And it happened when I still had a few trays of lamb chops and shanks in the freezer. … [Read more...]

Roast lamb submarine sandwich


   My family loves grilled lamb chops but we've never tried roasting a whole leg of lamb. On a whim, I bought a whole leg of lamb a couple of weeks ago. I roasted it as some sort of a dry run for a dinner party we'd be hosting sometime between Christmas and New Year. I wanted to find out how many people a whole leg of lamb could feed.Instead of … [Read more...]