Dried herbs and spices go into airtight containers


How do you organize your kitchen? When you buy herbs, spices and condiments, do you always buy them in jars and bottles? I like refills. They're more economical. I just store them in empty glass jars (of coffee, mayo, peanut butter, pickles... you get the idea) that have been thoroughly washed and dried. You know, recycling. I like jars with screw type caps best because … [Read more...]

The Only 5 Kitchen Tools You Really Need… Or Not


There's an article in Wired about the only five kitchen tools you really need. Surprisingly, the list included a thermometer and a cheese grater. My eyebrow shot up and... cheese grater? Really? Perhaps, the guy meant a multi-purpose grater?After the initial shock, I had to concede that what is essential depends on the cooking culture one observes as well as the … [Read more...]