Dried herbs and spices go into airtight containers

How do you organize your kitchen? When you buy herbs, spices and condiments, do you always buy them in jars and bottles? I like refills. They’re more economical. I just store them in empty glass jars (of coffee, mayo, peanut butter, pickles… you get the idea) that have been thoroughly washed and dried. You know, recycling. I like jars with screw type caps best because they are really airtight and they do a good job of keeping out moisture that ruins my precious dried herbs and spices.

The problem of course is that most of my washed-and-dried jars are much too big for the amount of dried herbs and spices that come in packets. And it really isn’t smart to buy dried herbs and spices in huge quantities because they have to be used soonest before they lose their flavor and aroma. So, I had this scenario where I had huge jars with more empty than used space inside. I said had. Past tense.


Earlier this week, I found these lovely jars at the supermarket. Just the right size for the content of packets of dried herbs and spices. I found seven of them on the shelf, I bought them all, and I would have bought more had the supermarket not run out of stocks.

There’s bokeh in the background? Oh, totally unintentional. »

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