The adobo rice experiment

There is an adobo rice recipe in the archive where adobo sauce was stirred into the cooked rice. It's good, I have nothing to complain about though I've always wondered if … [Read more...]


Bacon-wrapped chicken satay

Think of satay (that ubiquitous Southeast Asian food that consists of skewered and grilled small pieces of marinated meat) and rumaki (bacon wrapped liver attributed to … [Read more...]


Sam’s sisig stuffed futomaki

Each time I posted photos of Sam's homemade sushi, there would inevitably be requests for the recipes among the comments. I really don't know how I can give any recipe since … [Read more...]


Chili-garlic chicken and rice

Pasta is versatile because you can just toss it with a flavorful sauce, sprinkle it with cheese and you have a delicious meal. You don't need a lot of expensive meat or … [Read more...]


Banana and M&M’s spring rolls

Question: What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Oh, I'm sure you know the answer. That joke's older than I am. You don't know the answer? Oooohh... What's worse than … [Read more...]


Meatless Ma Po Tofu

It didn't sound right at first -- cooking ma po tofu without meat. But, yesterday, not wanting to waste the silken tofu that was nearing expiration but without having thawed … [Read more...]


Chickpeas (garbanzos) soup

In the buttered pearl potatoes post, I mentioned that we hosted a small lunch party at home over the weekend. My cousins came over, they brought food, I cooked food, we ate, … [Read more...]