Sweet and spicy kangkong with shredded pork and fried tofu

Sweet and spicy kangkong with tofu

If you’ve got cooked pork that’s too little to turn into a complete dish, try combining it with a little bit of this and that, wave your magic wand and create some magic. Kidding. You don’t need a wand. You just need to believe that you can do magic. And you can with this recipe.

And just where did the too little pork come from? Oh, you know me. I like simmering bones to make homemade broth. When Speedy buys soup bones, he buys pork ribs with a generous amount of meat. So, I simmer the bones, then, I pull the meat off them. I was able to get about a cup and a half of meat, most went into a mung bean stew and, the rest, I combined with tofu and a bunch of kangkong stalks (the leaves had gone into the mung bean stew earlier) into this sweet and spicy stir fry. »