Making sushi at home

Sushi, arguably one of the two most well-known, and well-loved, Japanese dishes in the world (the other being ramen) refers to an array of rolled vinegar-seasoned rice dishes … [Read more...]


International Sushi Day

Who would have thought... an international sushi day! Unlike food festivals such as Oktoberfest and Taste of Chicago, the International Sushi Day isn't geographically-based. … [Read more...]


Cooking oyakodon

My first attempt at making oyakodon was better. This one turned too dark. The third attempt will, hopefully, get posted in the blog. … [Read more...]


Sam’s sisig stuffed futomaki

Each time I posted photos of Sam's homemade sushi, there would inevitably be requests for the recipes among the comments. I really don't know how I can give any recipe since … [Read more...]


Fondue, hotpot and shabu-shabu

Fondue, hotpot and shabu-shabu all refer to a dish that consists of a communal pot at the center of the diners where small pieces of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit or bread … [Read more...]


Jipan: it never disappoints

Some restaurants we try out of curiosity. If we don't like the food or the service, or if the prices are way out of proportion with the quality of the food, we don't go back. … [Read more...]