Hot choco hazelnut and dulce de leche drink

When it comes to hot chocolate... Imagine a straight line. On one end of the line are the ultra traditionalists who swear that you can't make proper hot chocolate drink without using a batirol. I'm often tempted to tell the … [Read more...]


Warm-me-up coffee

It's raining, cold and dark... Steaming hot coffee needs something more to really warm me up today. This drink┬áhas coffee liqueur, white creme de menthe and dark creme de cacao. And a bit of cocoa powder dusting for the … [Read more...]


Rainy Day

Mario is visiting the country and although he is not passing by our neighborhood, we can feel his strong presence tremendously.Mario is not handsome nor famous. In fact, everyone seems to hate him and wants him out of the … [Read more...]


Caramel-flavored tea

Curiosity got the better of me again. We were at the grocery, I saw boxes of caramel-flavored tea, I showed them to Speedy and, in true caramel lover fashion, he exclaimed, "Wow!" At PHP67.00 per box of 25 teabags, the Casino … [Read more...]


Hot chocolate with salted caramel

What I really wanted was to mix a cocktail drink. But as I was surfing, I came across this article about Nigella Lawson, my eyes were wide with shock at the photo and wondered why it was obviously cropped. Was the uncropped … [Read more...]

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Cold and wet day. I've had three cups of coffee since I woke up this morning, I wondered if a cocktail drink would be good to keep me warm but I finally decided on a hot brew. Salabat (ginger brew), often sweetened with honey … [Read more...]


Nutella coffee

You've probably tried combining coffee with chocolate. You might have tried adding nut-flavored syrup to your coffee. You might even have bought ground coffee mixed with ground nuts. But have you tried combining all three -- … [Read more...]


Indulge yourself: have a coffee float

It's a very simple drink to make and yet a lot of people find it intimidating. Coffee float is simply hot coffee topped with a whopping scoop of ice cream. The coffee isn't sweetened and cream is not added because the … [Read more...]