Herbed cream cheese and butter spread


I had been sick. Fever. Chills. I hadn’t cooked in three days and it was getting frustrating because Sam will be having her birthday in two days and I always cook something special when someone has a birthday in my family. Tonight, for the first time in three days, I felt better. I stood in the kitchen, muttered that I …

Connie VeneracionHerbed cream cheese and butter spread

Green tea and mint brew


Last night, I wrote about the dishes that I cooked for the girls to bring back to the condo. You know, the reheatable meals. But even before I was able to post that article, I got a call from my younger daughter, Alex, saying she was running a fever (she already had a bad cold when Speedy drove her and …

Connie VeneracionGreen tea and mint brew

Dried herbs and spices go into airtight containers


herb-jarEarlier this week, I found these lovely jars at the supermarket. Just the right size for the content of packets of dried herbs and spices. I found seven of them on the shelf, I bought them all, and I would have bought more had the supermarket not run out of stocks.

Connie VeneracionDried herbs and spices go into airtight containers

Something from Nigella Lawson’s book


Lemon wedges, garlic and fresh herbs are added to chicken pieces in a baking dish and baked in a slow oven. The result? Good straight out of the oven. But reheated, the bitterness of the lemon’s pith becomes pronounced. The recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer. Salt was not listed among the ingredients but I salted the chicken anyway. …

Connie VeneracionSomething from Nigella Lawson’s book

I like natural

When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer over a decade ago, she underwent surgery but refused the recommended chemotherapy. Instead, she opted for herbal treatment. She’d go to this doctor in Multinational Village every week and, after she was assured that the cancer had been arrested, the visits dwindled to once a month. She still goes there. She’s turning 73 …

Connie VeneracionI like natural

Cilantro (coriander leaves)

Cilantro or coriander leavesNot everyone likes cilantro but I am absolutely crazy about it. The piquant (sometimes described as pungent) flavor perks up soups, spring rolls and stews like no other herb can. I used to buy cilantro from the supermarket but storing them was problematic. The best way is to keep them in the fridge wrapped in paper to absorb the water to prevent them from rotting fast. But even wrapped in paper, cilantro only lasts for a few days. And they’re never as good as when they’re freshest. I tried growing them in the garden but they never lasted more than a few days. They just shriveled and died.

Connie VeneracionCilantro (coriander leaves)

Herb and cheese muffins


There’s this chicken casserole with bread topping that I cooked a couple of weeks ago and I so loved the cheesy bread topping that I decided to tweak the recipe to turn the bread into muffins. Instead of grating the cheese, I cut them into small cubes. And I used twice as much cheese, combining sharp cheddar with Monterey Jack. …

Connie VeneracionHerb and cheese muffins

Toast with pesto and cheese


Love the herb-y taste of pesto? Why not grow your own herbs?

Connie VeneracionToast with pesto and cheese