Make your own Cajun spice mix

One time, I was in the spice section of The Landmark Supermarket choosing herbs and spices to go with the herbed salt that I promised Alex. I started picking up jars of basil, … [Read more...]


Minted pea and potato soup

After attacking the roast duck with orange-lime-honey glaze on our wedding anniversary, I gathered the leftovers including the bones. I threw the carcass, the head, the feet … [Read more...]


Chili-garlic chicken and tofu

Inexpensive, healthy and with the ability to absorb flavors like a sponge, tofu is a great ingredient to combine with meat, poultry or seafood. In this recipe, the partially … [Read more...]


Easy homemade vanilla sugar

You may have come across "vanilla sugar" as an ingredient in some recipes, especially in baking projects. And you may have wondered just what the heck it is. Well, it is … [Read more...]


Sauteing basics, part 2

When I posted "sauteing basics" in 2008, I thought I had it all covered. Seems not. A reader emailed me a couple of days ago asking why, in some recipes, the onions and … [Read more...]