Minted pea and potato soup

After attacking the roast duck with orange-lime-honey glaze on our wedding anniversary, I gathered the leftovers including the bones. I threw the carcass, the head, the feet and wingtips into a pot and made broth. A lot of broth. I strained the cooled broth into three different containers and kept them in the freezer. Days later, I thawed one out to make this soup.

This pea and potato soup is thick just the way I like my soup. It has all the rich flavors of the roast duck which, I admit, can be a little overwhelming. So, to add a fresh note, some mint. It never fails to brighten and lighten up a dish.

Now, about the broth. Is it really mandatory to use duck broth? No, of course not. I used duck broth because that was what I had. Beef, pork, chicken or even fish broth will do just as well. »

Fish fingers with honey-mustard sauce


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How to make herbed and spiced butter


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