Baked eggs with ham, greens and cheese


If you're looking for a new way to serve eggs, this is something to try. Not that baked eggs is anything new. I've done something like this in the past -- eggs, longganisa (native sausages), spinach and cheese -- although the technique was more of a novelty rather than something I wanted to repeat often especially during the summer when turning on the oven doesn't seem … [Read more...]

Ham and cheese quiche: easy and tasty


The first time I had quiche lorraine, I wondered who "Lorraine" was and why she called the dish a "quiche." Turned out that lorraine was not a name but a region in France, the name a modern adaptation of Lotharingia. The medieval Lotharingia, however, is not the same place that is known as Lorraine today. Lotharingia is now where Switzerland is.Now that the lorraine … [Read more...]

Homemade ham: no artificial coloring, no preservatives

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Most people make one bucket list. Sam does it differently. She has a bucket list for every year. Smart. I decided to follow her example. And, for 2012, two items on my bucket list were to make (1) homemade corned beef and (2) homemade ham. I managed the ham; the corned beef has been carried over to the 2013 list. It will have to wait for a few days until there is enough … [Read more...]

Cauliflower, peas and ham soup


Soup. Some people consider it essential to start a meal. Speedy and Sam feel that way; Alex and I are okay without it. On those days when I am inclined to make a soup in addition to the main course, I prefer that it be a real soup dish and not just a token broth. Meaning? Meaning, it has to have a lot of things in it. Vegetables, meat, color, texture... everything. Like … [Read more...]

Baked chicken cordon bleu


It was tempting to begin this post with "You all know what chicken cordon bleu is, right...?" But among the things I learned as a blogger is never to presume anything, not even that everyone is familiar with the most basic of recipes or cooking procedures as some people don't even know what sauteing is. And that's not an attempt to look down on anyone; it's simply a … [Read more...]

Chunky ham and mushroom soup


This is probably the first real dish that I cooked in days. The bug I caught left me with very little appetite and when I don't feel hungry, trust me when I say that anything I cook will reflect the way I feel. So, I didn't even bother to make an attempt. We had a salad last Monday and, apart from that, it's been mostly sandwiches and whatever we could pick up here and … [Read more...]

Ham and pasta soup


Suppose you cooked a delectable pot of pochero (puchero) for a holiday family lunch or dinner and, after all the tasty meat has been consumed, you find you still have several cups of broth left. Not just ordinary broth but the broth made by simmering ham, ham bones, chorizos, beef (with the marrow) and chicken. What do you do with the broth? Rather sinful to throw away. … [Read more...]

Eggs Benedict


We chanced upon ready-to-serve English muffins at the supermarket and all I could really think of was eggs benedict. What are Eggs Benedict? It's a bread and egg dish prepared grilling some English muffins, topping them with ham and poached eggs, then smothering with Hollandaise sauce. Who is Benedict? Wikipedia has a compilation of differing accounts:In an … [Read more...]

Farfalle (bow tie pasta) with ham and pesto. And lime water.


It's getting to be a routine and I must say it's a good one -- whatever I prepare for Alex's packed school lunch, I make more than enough so that whatever's left becomes breakfast for Speedy and myself. Today, it's bow tie pasta with pesto and ham. Instead of juice which is loaded with sugar, I served breakfast with lime water.About the lime water. At UCC Vienna Cafe, … [Read more...]

Huevos rancheros. Sort of. With spinach. (As corrected.)


What are huevos rancheros? The English translation is eggs ranch-style. The traditional way of serving huevos rancheros is by combining eggs with tomato salsa. Are they still huevos rancheros if there is no tomato salsa? The name itself does not mention the salsa but tradition says otherwise. This version has no salsa, is mildly spicy and reminiscent of Continental … [Read more...]