Homemade tahini (sesame seed paste)


Sam's journey toward vegetarianism has been a huge challenge for me as a cook. I'm learning about new ingredients and new ways to prepare ingredients I've tended to ignore in the past, I'm learning to cook dishes that I've always filed away under "too foreign to try" and I'm acquiring a whole new vocabulary of nutritional values. It's amusing most times and scary … [Read more...]

Greek food at Cyma


Thursday isn't traditionally a "date night" but then we're not traditional people. Speedy and I went out to see a movie and eat out. At Shangri-La Plaza because that was where Crazy, Stupid, Love was showing. Screening time was 6.40 p.m. and we had only an hour to eat dinner. Because of its proximity to the moviehouse and because we so fell in love with Go Greek!, we … [Read more...]

Go Greek! Fastfood re-defined


Except when I'm abroad, I stay away from food courts. Reason? In the Philippines, food courts (found in shopping malls, mostly), offer the same thing. The stalls you'll find in one food court are the same stalls you'll find in other food courts. Same companies. Same reheated over-floured food. Same small servings made to look huge by smothering everything with bland … [Read more...]

Greek-style two-cheese pizza

Pizza is strongly associated with Italian food but the Greeks have their pizza too. And while Greek pizza is also made with a crust and a toppings that include cheese, feta rather than feta mozzarella is the cheese of choice. Olives, tomatoes and capers are also popular toppings but since my girls aren't fans of olives and capers, I thought I'd stay with cheese.Now, if … [Read more...]

Moussaka (baked eggplants and beef with bechamel sauce)


Sometimes known as mousakas, musaka or musakka, this dish of eggplants and meat is found in Turkey, Hungary, the Balkans and across the Eastern Mediterranean. The baked version with the white sauce topping appears to be Greek in origin.Personally, I would describe it as something like lasagna except that instead of layers of pasta, we have layers of thinly sliced … [Read more...]

Biftekia: grilled beef patties, Greek style


Happy with the Greek food we had at Mano's Greek Taverna in Tagaytay, I decided to make biftekia, or Greek style grilled beef patties, at home. Ground beef, bread soaked in red wine, fresh oregano, onion and garlic went into my beef patties.Biftekia is a burger, basically, so I served them with French fries and a simple salad, and it was a great Father's Day lunch. … [Read more...]

Mano’s Greek Taverna in Tagaytay

We've passed Mano's Greek Taverna in Tagaytay so many times in the past but we never dined there. Many reasons. First, I'm wary of restaurants that claim to serve authentic regional cuisines but are nothing but trying-hard copycats. Second, my daughters are even more wary than I am. Third, we are relatively unfamiliar with Greek food and we didn't really know what to … [Read more...]

Floyd's Greek stew

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I've posted this recipe before; it was one of those that got lost when my database went berserk last December. I would have reposted it but I forgot what I had put in it. I remembered that I based it on a Greek lamb stew from Discovery Travel & Living Channel's Floyd in the Mediterranean. I also remembered substituting pork for the lamb. Finally, I remembered that I used … [Read more...]