Greek food at Cyma

Thursday isn't traditionally a "date night" but then we're not traditional people. Speedy and I went out to see a movie and eat out. At Shangri-La Plaza because that was where … [Read more...]


Go Greek! Fastfood re-defined

Except when I'm abroad, I stay away from food courts. Reason? In the Philippines, food courts (found in shopping malls, mostly), offer the same thing. The stalls you'll find … [Read more...]

Greek-style two-cheese pizza

Pizza is strongly associated with Italian food but the Greeks have their pizza too. And while Greek pizza is also made with a crust and a toppings that include cheese, feta … [Read more...]

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Floyd's Greek stew

I've posted this recipe before; it was one of those that got lost when my database went berserk last December. I would have reposted it but I forgot what I had put in it. I … [Read more...]