Sam’s jellyfish jelly

My daughters have this habit of cooking something -- anything -- when they're stressed out. It's final exams week and moods are volatile. On Saturday evening, Alex de-stressed … [Read more...]

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Chilled mango pudding

Based on the Vietnamese mango pudding of Kam Fook Restaurant in Sydney, as prepared in an episode of Food Safari, I made these cups of mango pudding without really knowing the … [Read more...]


Coconut-pandan panna cotta

Buko (coconut) and pandan dessert is fast becoming a staple in buffet parties, including Christmas and New Year affairs. Here is a new twist on the refreshing combination of … [Read more...]

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Coffee jelly dessert

I don't know why... but coffee jelly seems to be the craze these days. Fastfoods and restaurants alike have it in their menus. Wendy's, I think, was the first fastfood to … [Read more...]

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Christmas jello

It's just gelatin. But with a little imagination, the common gelatin can be a visual and culinary delight. The idea came from a Goldilocks product that my family has been … [Read more...]