Donuts and donut holes with white and dark chocolate ganache topping


Exactly fourteen months ago, Sam and I worked on a project -- homemade donuts. I made the dough, she did the cutting, the frying and the frosting. Tonight, we had homemade donuts again but Sam did them all by herself. And hers, based on a recipe by Alton Brown, were so, so, so much better. Softer and fluffier.And the frosting? Ah, the frosting. That's the thing about … [Read more...]

Eye-candy cake with chocolate ganache


If you've been following this blog long enough, you might remember the zebra cake and the rainbow cake from three years ago. This cake -- and I really can't think of a better name for it except eye candy because it is so, so, soooo pretty -- is a cross between the zebra cake and rainbow cake. Like the zebra cake, one portion of this eye-candy cake has cocoa powder. Like … [Read more...]