Chili-honey fried chicken

Yesterday, just before midnight, I started craving. I wanted fried chicken. Speedy had already turned off the TV in the room so I knew he was in NREM stage 1 -- that state of … [Read more...]


A la chicken karaage

Karaage is a class of Japanese dishes made primarily with breaded fried fillets of meat or fish. The fillets are cut into bite-size pieces, marinated in a mixture of soy … [Read more...]


Chicken lollipops, Asian style

Just like any fried chicken dish, there are countless marinades that you can use to cook and garnish your chicken lollipops. Coat with cornmeal for a Southern-style fried … [Read more...]


Chicken with sweet chili sauce

Yesterday, I cooked a stir fried vegetable dish with mung bean sprouts, spinach, mushrooms and tofu. If you've cooked with mung bean sprouts and spinach before, you'd know how … [Read more...]


Fried chicken, Asian style

Some people like their fried chicken without breading; others prefer to enjoy it with a coating of flour, bread crumbs, corn meal or even crushed corn flakes, Southern style. … [Read more...]


Buffalo chicken wings

There are quite a few versions about how the dish originated. Personally, I never heard of buffalo chicken wings until there was Don Henrico's. Deep-fried or grilled, … [Read more...]