Fried Chicken Recipes

The ultimate fried chicken: seasonings, frying techniques, endless variations

The ultimate fried chicken, part 2: the frying part

Does fried chicken require deep frying? Ideally, yes. But how many home kitchens have a deep fryer? Even if a heavy deep pan will do, how many home cooks are willing to dump a gallon of cooking oil into a pan for one meal? Not me.I'm a wok person. It's the singular … [Read more...]


Chili-honey fried chicken

Yesterday, just before midnight, I started craving. I wanted fried chicken. Speedy had already turned off the TV in the room so I knew he was in NREM stage 1 -- that state of sleep where the person still hovers between sleep and wakefulness. If I was going to get fried … [Read more...]


Herbed fried chicken with creamy spicy sauce

The chicken is flavored with herbs; the creamy sauce is made with more herbs. The ingredients are very basic — most are staples in any modern pantry. You can use other herbs if you like — no harm in going with your personal preference.If your family likes sauces — as in … [Read more...]


2-milk fried chicken: moist, tender, delicious

Most Southern-style fried chicken recipes call for dipping the chicken in buttermilk then dredging in seasoned flour before it goes into the hot oil. The buttermilk is supposed to make it moist. I wondered what would happen if I soaked the chicken in milk overnight... Would … [Read more...]


A la chicken karaage

Karaage is a class of Japanese dishes made primarily with breaded fried fillets of meat or fish. The fillets are cut into bite-size pieces, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, citrus juice, rice wine and ginger, dredged in flour then fried.This chicken dish was cooked … [Read more...]


Fried chicken, Max’s Restaurant style

Personally, I didn't grow up with Max's fried chicken. I didn't grow up with Savory fried chicken either. Most people I grew up with associate their childhood with one or the other, or both. I was a Jones' fried chicken girl -- that smaller restaurant beside the original … [Read more...]