Adding oomph to vegetable salad

I'm not really a salad person. I prefer my veggies cooked just like most Asians. I don't even like vinaigrette -- I prefer thicker salad dressings. But there are times when a raw vegetable salad is the easiest vegetable dish to fix. Just cut everything, make a dressing, toss ... (more)


The tawilis mystery

One of the mainstays in the menu of restaurants in the Tagaytay and Batangas aras is tawilis. Often, deep fried to a crisp so that every part, bones and head included, is edible. Tawilis is a sardine but it is a class all its own because it is the only member of the ... (more)


The frugal cook

It's convenient to buy frozen fish fillets but when there's an opportunity to go to Farmer's Market for good-quality fresh fish, I prefer to buy a whole slab and have it prepared according to my specifications. For instance, I chose the tail end of a salmon and had it ... (more)