Gringott’s money bags

I'm an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I have all the books, I have DVD copies of all the movies, I've watched the DVDs (with or without my daughters) so many times and (worse or … [Read more...]


Eggplant caviar

Rarely will I exclaim joy over a meal that has no meat in it. Whether in the form of pork, beef, lamb, poultry or even seafood -- I prefer most of my protein to come from … [Read more...]


Tomato and basil quesadillas

Yesterday's brunch was an exercise on how to use shredded mozzarella that was so near its expiry date. I thought about making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches but there … [Read more...]


Potato fritters

Last weekend, my younger daughter, Alex, brought home two books that she borrowed from the school library. The books feature her favorites -- cheese and potatoes. She lost no … [Read more...]


Bangus (milkfish) kebobs

Lamb is the meat traditionally used for making kebob but, these days, especially with the popularity of vegetarian diets, anything can be skewered and cooked as a kebob. I … [Read more...]