Mozzarella-topped French fries

Twenty-five years ago, you wouldn't catch me having fries and beer at home on a Friday evening. Heck, you wouldn't catch me home on a Friday evening, period. I was a law student at the time and although fries and beer were staples among my peers, we didn't consume them at … [Read more...]


Tuna and cheese pimiento canapés

If it weren't for my daughter, Sam, the tuna and cheese pimiento filling that went into these canapés would have become tuna and cheese pimiento sandwich spread instead. But Sam has an eye for visual delights (she's a Photography major, so that should be self-explanatory). … [Read more...]


Gringott’s money bags

I'm an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I have all the books, I have DVD copies of all the movies, I've watched the DVDs (with or without my daughters) so many times and (worse or not), I have a nasty habit of re-reading the book before a new movie is released. In celebration of … [Read more...]


Salami and cucumber mini-sandwiches

Mini-sandwiches are dainty. And sexy. There's something so appealing about picking up a small piece of bread and munching on it. The act itself is so much more beguiling than watching someone bite into an oversized sandwich with sauces and condiments dripping down his or her … [Read more...]


Mozzarella stuffed deep fried mashed potato balls

A finger food that should be served with good white wine, this dish of deep fried mashed potato balls stuffed with mozzarella was inspired by Scotch eggs. If you haven't heard of Scotch eggs, they are hard-boiled eggs wrapped with ground meat then deep fried. When sliced, … [Read more...]


Eggplant caviar

Rarely will I exclaim joy over a meal that has no meat in it. Whether in the form of pork, beef, lamb, poultry or even seafood -- I prefer most of my protein to come from meat. But purely vegetable dishes, I seldom find filling, appetizing nor satisfying. I will, however, … [Read more...]


Swiss brown mushrooms with tomato and basil salsa

What makes a good bar food? Personally, I like my bar food to be easy to eat, does not require too many flatware... In fact, I prefer the kind that can be picked up with the hand, a fork or a skewer and popped straight into the mouth. This is one such dish. Serving small … [Read more...]


Tomato and basil quesadillas

Yesterday's brunch was an exercise on how to use shredded mozzarella that was so near its expiry date. I thought about making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches but there was fresh basil in the garden and the idea of fresh herbs in my first meal of the day was too … [Read more...]


Guacamole: a great dip for tortilla chips

My first guacamole experience was straight out of a jar that came free with a bag of potato chips. I loved the guacamole so much not knowing that it was made from avocados, a fruit that I had very little affinity with. An avocado tree grew in my grandmother's garden when I … [Read more...]


Potato fritters

Last weekend, my younger daughter, Alex, brought home two books that she borrowed from the school library. The books feature her favorites -- cheese and potatoes. She lost no time in showing me the books and, sometime after midnight, we leafed through the pages together … [Read more...]