Perfect fried empanadas


I really can’t decide which I like better — baked or fried empanadas. The part of me that hates frying because of the inevitable oil splatters and the clean-up that follows says baked empanadas are better. But there’s also that part of me that adores the puffy, flaky, ultra crisp crust that is only possible with deep frying. So, having baked empanadas many times before, I decided to make the fried version for a change. Here are some of the things I learned. (more…)

Pork curry empanada


Using the 20-minute ground pork and vegetable curry for the filling, I made pork curry empanadas the other night. See, the last time Speedy came home with bags of chicken curry empanada from Kowloon House, we were very disappointed. Apparently, Kowloon has changed the recipe and the chicken curry empanada is now so sweet it … »