Corn egg drop soup

There's a storm, you probably wouldn't know that if you're not a resident of the Philippines, classes had been suspended and many parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila, are flooded. We are all stuck at home including Alex's friend, Iya, who was spending the weekend so that ... (more)


The meaty version of the bibimbap-style rice, vegetables and mushrooms dish

The easiest and fastest way to cook two versions -- vegetarian and meaty -- of the bibimbap-style rice, vegetables and mushrooms dish is to use two pans and two burners on the stove. You cook the vegetables in one pan, one after the other, and in the other pan, you cook the ... (more)


Kwek-kwek and tokneneng: battered and fried eggs

Asian street food include many egg dishes. For instance, Thai egg strips, son-in-law eggs, egg foo yong, spicy hard-boiled eggs with tomatoes and, of course, eggs are a favorite addition to the ubiquitous congee. In the Philippines, there is another very popular egg street ... (more)


Balut, penoy

November 20, 2004 was a cold day. Raining since morning what with a typhoon lashing the eastern part of Luzon. I hardly got any cooking done with the work still going on in the new kitchen. Meanwhile, the old kitchen has been totally demolished. The old cooking range is ... (more)