How to cook: Poqui-poqui, an Ilocano egg and eggplant dish

I have a second version for cooking poqui-poqui. We loved the first version (on page two of this post) but this one is really so much tastier. What’s the difference between the first and second versions? First, the addition of a bit of pesto and mayonnaise to the beaten eggs. Okay, that makes this second [...]

How to make a very “meaty” pasta sauce with very little meat


When Sam announced a couple of weeks ago that she would be inviting some half a dozen friends to spend the weekend, the announcement came with a "preferred menu" -- sinigang na baboy, the immortal baked mac, and butterscotch and chocolate fudge combo … »

Spicy pulled pork with flash-fried eggplants


A dish I cooked on December 1, 2012, according to the neatly organized photo folders in my external drive. That hard drive is about the only place where I have neatly organized files but, to make sure, I double checked by looking at the file info … »

Pork, peas and eggplant stir fry with lemon juice


Because Sam is such a fan of eggplants, I try to prepare at least one dish with eggplants on weekends. And because I don't want to resort to laziness and simply make tortang talong instead of discovering new ways to cook eggplants, I scour the web … »

Eggplant “pizza”


It's not really a pizza -- that's why, in the title, "pizza" is enclosed in quotes. But it is like a pizza because it has a crust, and a tomato and cheese topping. In fact, it is like pizza Margherita because the topping consists of slices of fresh … »

Tips for perfectly-textured stir-fried eggplants


Eggplants. Inexpensive. Filling. Easy to prepare. Versatile. Cooks in a jiffy. Eggplants are moist and succulent and, if you're lucky to have Asian eggplants, sweet. What's not to like? The trouble with eggplants is that cooking them can be tricky. … »

Flash-fried eggplants with spicy soy-ginger sauce


So, what did I do with the flash-fried eggplants I wrote about in an earlier post? I doused them with a rich-tasting sauce and served them with grilled tilapia. Very easy to prepare and cooks fast too.If you're grilling your fish indoors (say, on … »

What is flash frying?


When someone says "fried food", the image that forms in most people's minds is something that is greasy and dripping with cooking oil in which the food had been fried. Truth is, properly fried food shouldn't be greasy at all. The food should be fried … »

Pork, tofu and eggplant stir fry


Tomatoes and tofu are not ingredients that I'd ordinarily consider to be ideal partners. Because tofu is so neutral, I'd rather combine it with a rich sauce to make it pop. Lately, however, Speedy and I have been experimenting with tofu dishes and it … »