Replacing proteins lost in meatless diets with legumes, fruits and nuts

I don't think I need to enumerate here the reasons why we need protein in our diet. Suffice to say that protein builds tissues and is a source of energy. In the human diet, meat, eggs and seafood are complete sources of protein with milk and dairy products a close second. Fortunately, Sam has chosen the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Meaning, she will not give up eggs, milk … [Read more...]

Japanese-style spicy soba noodles with edamame


Got shelled edamame? Here's a fast and easy noodle dish that you can use the beans with. No real cooking involved -- just boiling soba. All the flavors come from a sauce made with grated ginger, grated garlic, light soy sauce, lemon juice and honey.There are several varieties of soba available in the market including cha (green tea) soba. You can use any kind you … [Read more...]

Edamame (fresh soy beans in pods)


What do soy sauce, soy milk and tofu have in common? They are all made from soy beans. Soy sauce is produced by fermenting soy beans with salt and water. Soy milk is the result of grinding dried soy beans that had been soaked in water. Tofu is coagulated soy milk.Edamame is the Japanese name for fresh and tender soy beans in the pod and, in some cases, to a variety of … [Read more...]

Snow peas, snap peas, sweet peas, mangetout and edamame


Peas: small, round and green; sold fresh, frozen, dried or canned.Snow peas: edible whole pods with unripened peas inside; pods rather flat; sold fresh or canned; called chicharo or sitsaro in the Philippines.Snap peas: like snow peas, edible whole pods with unripened peas inside; pods rounder than snow peas; sold fresh or canned.Mangetout: a French term for … [Read more...]