Spinach and cream cheese dumplings

Fried spinach and cream cheese dumplings

Two weekends ago, we were at the grocery and, at the vegetable section, Sam asked if we could buy spinach. How would we cook it, I asked. She said we’d mix the spinach with cream cheese and use the mixture as filling for fried dumplings. Genius, I thought, and she got my attention, naturally.

I wasn’t aware that she got the attention of someone else — another shopper, a mommy, who was standing near enough to overhear our conversation. After picking a couple of bags of spinach, Sam walked off to find dumpling wrappers. The stranger-mommy approached me, told me how she heard parts of Sam’s idea of a spinach and cream cheese dumpling, and asked if I could repeat the whole thing to her. I was happy to oblige. Then, she asked if Sam were a culinary student and I told her no, she was not.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make the dumplings before Sam went back to the condo. I could have made them, of course, but Sam would have gone into a fit — her idea and she wasn’t going to get a bite? So, the bags of spinach were used in some other dishes. Then, two weeks later, the spinach and cream cheese dumplings finally became a reality. My goodness, they were very, very good. »