Cafe dulce de leche macchiato


It rained after lunch and I thought that the rest of the afternoon would be cool and cloudy -- the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up on the couch with my iPad and read one of the oh, so many! books on my Kindle for iPad. Coffee and reading are great partners so I figured I'd make coffee first before plopping down on the couch. I've always wanted to create those … [Read more...]

Vanilla leche flan ice cream


The original plan was to bake brownie shells and serve the ice cream in them. So, I told Dexie, the feisty cook who also made ice cream over the holidays. But the oven was problematic and the cake shell baking pan was too large to fit into the turbo broiler. No brownie shells materialized, in short. But I went ahead and made the ice cream.Based on a recipe that I had … [Read more...]

Turon (banana spring rolls) with dulce de leche


How many ways have we made turon? Let me count:1. Cheesy turon 2. Turon with toffee and peanut butter sauce 3. Turon with bacon and cheese 4. Turon with chunky peanut butter 5. Turon with M&MsExcept for the cheesy turon, everything else was Speedy's idea and handiwork. My favorite to this day is the turon with bacon and cheese. There's just something about … [Read more...]

Dulce de leche and chocolate cookie trifle


If there's a drink that always brings back memories of childhood, milk and chocolate has to be on the top of the list. This trifle brings that combination to a whole new level. The layers are made of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and dulce de leche. The dulce de leche layers are prepared in two ways -- one, with cocoa powder; the other, with cream cheese. The cream … [Read more...]

Dulce de leche banana cream tart


It's a pity that Mexican Made Easy airs locally only once a week. Wish there were more sensible food shows like it on TV. Personally, I can do away with Gordon Ramsay, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef, Bobby Flay and Bruce Lim.Mexican Made Easy, I love. But it airs on Wednesday morning (or is it Thursday morning?) and since I'm rarely awake before noon, I've seen … [Read more...]

Sticky rice mold with dulce de leche and toasted coconut topping


Inspired by how wonderfully the suman with dulce de leche dipping sauce turned out, I decided to create a similar dessert (or snack) using practically the same ingredients -- sticky rice, homemade dulce de leche and coconut. But instead adding the coconut or its extraction to the rice, I used toasted flaked coconuts to top my creation.It's very simple, the only thing … [Read more...]

Peanut crepes with dulce de leche filling


That Easter weekend when my brother and his family stayed with us, my brother and his wife attended mass at the Antipolo Cathedral then visited the commercial center beside it. Some background. That commercial center was once an open-gym-like structure with stalls of pasalubong (souvenirs, mostly native delicacies) stalls around it. Last year, it was converted into a … [Read more...]

Suman (rice cake) with three dips: dulce de leche, Nutella and fruit jam


Some five days ago, craving for something sweet past midnight, Speedy started spooning dulce de leche from its container. He was in the kitchen and a few inches away was the jar of Nutella. I don't know provoked him. He scooped some dulce de leche with his teaspoon then scooped Nutella. He ate the two together and exclaimed to me with that look on his face as though he … [Read more...]

Milkshake with dulce de leche mudslide


I've been dreaming of making this for weeks. But since we started making dulce de leche in a pressure cooker (yes, with nothing blowing up!), the caramel has come out firm and no longer pourable. If you're familiar with mudslides, you'd know that the syrup used to create the mudslide effect should be pourable so that it drips down the sides of the glass.Since we make … [Read more...]

Dulce de leche mini cheesecakes


Now that we are again able to successfully make dulce de leche at home, my mind's running wild with all the desserts that I can make with it. Trifles, truffles, brownies and blondies... I'm hoping that these mini cheesecakes will only be the first among many dishes that I can create with homemade dulce de leche.I used day-old plain fudge brownies for the base of these … [Read more...]