Roast duck with tortilla wraps

Reposting a recipe originally published on December 20, 2010. I know that some of you are already thinking about Christmas and New Year. And for those who celebrate Thanksgiving but prefer the more succulent duck to the bland turkey, here is an idea.We're hosting a … [Read more...]


Braised duck with mashed potatoes and gravy

On with the duck recipes. Remember I said three dishes from one duck? Here's the second using the duck's legs, thighs and wings.After the very fruity duck breast fillet with pineapple, orange and ginger sauce, this second dish is French inspired as it uses the trifecta … [Read more...]


Braised duck with pineapple, orange and ginger sauce

We bought a whole duck and the challenge is to cook at least three different dishes with it. After thawing the bird, I cut it into portions. The thighs, legs and wings will be tonight's dinner. The back portion will be a soup. And the deboned breast became today's lunch -- … [Read more...]


Roast duck breast with creamed spinach

If you like duck but find that a whole duck is too much for your family's consumption, you can buy duck breast instead. It is the meatiest part of the duck after all, and, with the uniform thickness and no bones to deal with, duck breast is much easier to cook. Cooks much … [Read more...]

Roast duck and daing na bangus

Roast duck and daing na bangus

Remember the Balikbayans and pinakbet post where I wrote about my brother-in-law and his family, long-time residents of Chicago, who came home for a vacation and wasted no time in ordering dishes like pinakbet when we went out? Okay, here's another example.When we were … [Read more...]


Duck and mushroom congee

About a month ago, I bought a duckling and, before cooking it as a stew, I cut off a leg and thigh and reserved them because Speedy intended to use them for a duck congee recipe that he saw in an Australian TV network website.He cooked the congee, we had it for breakfast … [Read more...]

President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

We ordered too much. We just had dumplings at Dong Bei not more than two hours earlier and there we were at President Grand Palace Restaurant ordering left and right. My excuse was that the Chinese dinner was in support of my daughter's education as she was supposed to write … [Read more...]


Chinatown: Manila and Kuala Lumpur

A friend whose family has been in the restaurant business for over thirty years once remarked that wherever in the world you go, Chinatown is the same. You've seen one, you've seen all. You know, hawkers galore, thick crowds, noise and, well, filth. She's right. But she's … [Read more...]

Great Asian food at every price range

Two weeks ago, my husband and I went to the Dapitan Street flea market for a little shopping. If you haven't heard, Dapitan is a haven for bargain shoppers. Everything from furniture to Christmas wreaths can be found there. But that's another story. What I want to share with … [Read more...]