Chicken braised in rice wine and balsamic vinegar

When I was cooking this dish yesterday, I took a look at the chicken drumsticks in the pan and the dark brown liquid in which they were cooking, and I thought to myself there was no way that this dish would ever look picture pretty. The dark brown looked drab, there was no … [Read more...]


Duck cracklings and Chinese sausage fried rice

In the previous entry, I wrote about simmering the carcass of the roast duck and picking the meat to make soup and fried rice. I also mentioned that while most of the brown meat went into the soup, the bits of skin were reserved for the fried rice. I don't know how you feel … [Read more...]


Duck, corn and cabbage egg-drop soup

So we had roast duckling last night. Served a la pritchon. Naturally, the carcass was left with still a substantial amount of meat that could not be sliced off and served with the tortillas.Speedy wrapped the carcass in foil and put it in the fridge. When I got up this … [Read more...]


Roast salt-and-pepper duckling

That's my younger daughter, Alex, holding a meat and vegetable stuffed tortilla and dipping it in a mixture of mustard and honey. Inside the tortilla are strips of cucumber, onion leaves and roast salt-and-pepper duckling.There's nothing really much to say about roasting … [Read more...]


Chicken cacciatore (pollo alla cacciatora)

Originally a hunter's stew, chicken cacciatore is a dish that can be prepared with minimal fuss. Some say that the really traditional cacciatore does not include tomatoes, uses dark meat only and the cooked dish is brown with a thick gravy-like sauce. This version is adapted … [Read more...]


Turkey, potato and walnut salad

Earlier, in the cooking with leftover turkey entry, I showed you two ways to make good use of scrap turkey meat left over from the holidays. Here's a third way -- a turkey, potato and walnut salad. But there's really more to this recipe than the intention not to be wasteful. … [Read more...]


Cooking with leftover turkey

The New Year's Eve party and family reunion suffered a setback. We had the garden all laid out for an all-day and all-night party but it rained the entire day and we had to move everything indoors. All the barbecuing we had planned took place on the stove top grill instead. … [Read more...]


Stuffing a duck with aromatics

What the English equivalent of the word malansa (or malangsa) is, I have no idea. But it is the Filipino adjective used to describe anything that has a strong smell. But it is more than that, really. Any food that is malansa is likely to be a cause of allergy for those prone … [Read more...]