Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey plus how I cooked the leftovers

*Originally posted in October 13, 2009 after the Ondoy floods, I am reposting these turkey recipes for those who are looking for creative ways to prepare leftover turkey meat. Two turkey leftover recipes in this post — and don’t miss the additional list at the end of the second recipe.

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

The week after typhoon Ondoy hit the country and people were panic-buying and hoarding, I found myself staring at supermarket shelves devoid of meat and vegetables (you can read the long version, if you like). What there was plenty of were turkeys. Lots of turkeys. And they were on sale.

And I wrote then: At P200 per kilo that’s cheaper than beef and premium pork cuts. I got a whole 5-kilogram turkey — that should last us for three days or more, I will just need to get creative and come up with several different dishes using the same bird.

So, I did.

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

I roasted the turkey, stuffing the cavity with lemongrass and pandan leaves, and I roasted the bird in a pan lined with ingredients for smoking — tea, cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns, Szechuan peppercorns, bay leaves… That was the first dish and it turned out great.

But what I really intend to share is how I made the turkey last for more than three days by cooking the meat in many different ways including a soup, a dish with creamy gravy, quesadillas… I wasn’t able to document all but here are the recipes for the soup and the dish with creamy gravy.

Please click the link to page 2 for the turkey and cabbage soup recipe.

Duck cracklings and Chinese sausage fried rice


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Duck, corn and cabbage egg-drop soup


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Roast salt-and-pepper duckling


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Turkey, potato and walnut salad


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Cooking with leftover turkey


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Stuffing a duck with aromatics


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Smoked duck from Shuin

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Kalabasa (squash) and potato soup


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