Roast salt-and-pepper duckling

That's my younger daughter, Alex, holding a meat and vegetable stuffed tortilla and dipping it in a mixture of mustard and honey. Inside the tortilla are strips of cucumber, … [Read more...]


Cooking with leftover turkey

The New Year's Eve party and family reunion suffered a setback. We had the garden all laid out for an all-day and all-night party but it rained the entire day and we had to … [Read more...]


Stuffing a duck with aromatics

What the English equivalent of the word malansa (or malangsa) is, I have no idea. But it is the Filipino adjective used to describe anything that has a strong smell. But it is … [Read more...]

Smoked duck from Shuin

We've bought green tea, mochi, peanut oil, frozen dumplings and even some very cool tea cups from Shuin. Finally, yesterday, we got to try Shuin's famous smoked duck. My … [Read more...]