Dulce de leche banana cream tart

Dulce de leche banana cream tart

It’s a pity that Mexican Made Easy airs locally only once a week. Wish there were more sensible food shows like it on TV. Personally, I can do away with Gordon Ramsay, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef, Bobby Flay and Bruce Lim.

Mexican Made Easy, I love. But it airs on Wednesday morning (or is it Thursday morning?) and since I’m rarely awake before noon, I’ve seen it oooohh… maybe twice or thrice over the past year. Speedy, however, caught the show recently, started talking excitedly about a pie with dulce de leche and bananas and, next thing I knew, he had bought all the ingredients to make the pie.

And so we did make the pie. Except we used a tart dish so our version is dulce de leche banana cream tart adapted from Marcela Valladolid’s Dulce de Leche Banana Cream Pie (Senator Tito Sotto: that’s how to make an attribution).

I thought it would be something like banoffee tart. And it is but only in part. This dulce de leche banana cream tart has more in terms of texture, balance and contrast. The crust is made with crushed Graham crackers, almonds, salt and butter. The filling consists of three layers — dulce de leche, bananas and a mixture of whipped cream, cream cheese, sugar and butter. The nuts in the crust add an amazing texture while the salt in the crust and the cream cheese in the filling create a wonderful balance and contrast with the sweetness of the dulce de leche and the bananas making the tart less cloying. »

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