Peach and custard tart

What can I say about canned fruits and Christmas in the Philippines? One of the most popular sweet dishes served over the holiday season is fruit salad that consists of canned fruit cocktail, cream and sweetened condensed milk. I grew up with the stuff but my children prefer … [Read more...]


White and dark chocolate pie

Another no-bake dessert. A soft and gooey chocolate pie based on a recipe from Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts cookbook, a copy of which my younger daughter, Alex, gave me on Mother's Day.The differences between Martha's pie and mine:1. I opted for a no-bake crust, … [Read more...]


Strawberry feathered cheese tart

When you hear the term "strawberry cheesecake", what comes to mind is a cheesecake topped with a jam-like mixture that is added after the cheesecake has been baked and allowed to cool. Something like the blueberry cheesecake I made a couple of months ago.It's great but … [Read more...]


Basic pie crust recipe

The following appear in the old-fashioned apple pie entry but I am posting the pie crust recipe as a stand-alone entry for easy reference so I don't need to repeat it in future pie entries.This is a recipe for a double-crust pie. Use only half of the ingredients for a … [Read more...]


Mango cream pie

The day we learned that Red Ribbon Bake Shop had phased out its Mango Cream Pie was a sad day. The Mango Cream Pie was one of the two reasons we patronize Red Ribbon, the other reason being its chicken empanada. It was especially disappointing for my younger daughter, Alex, … [Read more...]


Egg (custard) pie

Warning: do not attempt to bake an egg pie using a loose-bottom pan. I did and, within minutes from placing the pan in the oven, I could smell something burning -- the filling seeped through the pie crust and was dripping on the oven floor. I ran to retrieve a tray to place … [Read more...]

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My first apple pie

Whenever I had a craving for apple pie in the past, I knew of only one place where I could have the real thing -- Hizon's in Manila. Of course, today, there are a lot of delis that sell apple pie but Hizon's is still the pie place for me (not McDonald's, for goodness' … [Read more...]