Curried chicken salad with cashew nuts

One of those afternoons when I had the remote controls all to myself, I chanced upon a Barefoot Contessa marathon on the Food Network. I watched three episodes one after the other (who gets tired of Ina Garten, anyway -- certainly, not me!) making mental notes of the dishes … [Read more...]


Curried deviled eggs

About two years ago, I was among the 20 or so foodies from around the world who formed the international taste panel for the World's Best Curry Powder project spearheaded by Danish chef Alex Toft Nielsen. I was sent three samples of curry powder each containing a different … [Read more...]


Vegetables with coconut milk and green curry

The day I cooked the beef with coconut milk and green curry, I made a vegetarian version for Sam. It required no extra work at all, just an extra pot. The beef had been cooked ahead of time so the entire procedure consisted mainly of making a vegetarian curry. By the time I … [Read more...]


How to cook a creamy and tasty vegetable curry

Vegetable curry is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes. But only when it's cooked right. Meaning? No overcooked soggy vegetables. I want the vegetables cooked through but each piece still able to retain its individual shape. I like my vegetable curry to be ultra creamy, not … [Read more...]


Pork curry empanada

Using the 20-minute ground pork and vegetable curry for the filling, I made pork curry empanadas the other night. See, the last time Speedy came home with bags of chicken curry empanada from Kowloon House, we were very disappointed. Apparently, Kowloon has changed the recipe … [Read more...]


Curried pork, spinach and rice casserole

Early this month, I agreed to take part in a project called "World's best curry powder" which aims to create a curry powder "with a taste that will appeal to taste buds whether you live in Copenhagen, New York or Tokyo. A global taste profile..."  The project proponent, … [Read more...]


Thai chicken curry

Chicken curry is a dish that I grew up with. But the chicken curry of my childhood was just a coconut milk based stew made yellow with curry powder. Homey and really comforting but, well... it lacked fire somehow. Later on, when I learned to cook, I would add combine a … [Read more...]


15-minute ground pork and vegetable curry

The thing about cooking with fresh ingredients is how the preparation time seems to be just as long the actual cooking time, if not longer. Take this ground pork and vegetable curry dish -- peeling, trimming and cutting the vegetables took twenty minutes; the actual cooking … [Read more...]


15-minute shrimp curry

Vacuum-packed shelled and deveined shrimps, and curry paste in a jar, conveniently available in groceries and supermarkets, were used in this dish. Preparation time was reduced to a mere five minutes. Cooking time was ten minutes for a total of 15 minutes. … [Read more...]


Beef curry on a shoestring budget

If you need to stretch your meat, cut them into smaller pieces. Add vegetables that go well with the meat and -- presto! -- you've doubled the amount of the cooked dish. It's something I learned from two women.When Speedy and I were newly married and living with his … [Read more...]