Pork curry empanada

Using the 20-minute ground pork and vegetable curry for the filling, I made pork curry empanadas the other night. See, the ... (more)


Thai chicken curry

Chicken curry is a dish that I grew up with. But the chicken curry of my childhood was just a coconut milk based stew made ... (more)


15-minute shrimp curry

Summary: Vacuum-packed shelled and deveined shrimps, and curry paste in a jar, conveniently available in groceries and ... (more)


Fresh herbs in my lamb curry

Lamb curry is almost always associated with India where it most probably originated. But lamb curry also figures prominently ... (more)

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Beef curry

A rich meal with a thick sauce for a cold night. Finally, the weather had been friendlier these past few days; it rains most ... (more)