Sweetened condensed milk cupcakes: lessons learned


When Sam asked me to bake something for dessert last night, I begged off. Alex chimed in, they really wanted something sweet, but I spent a long time preparing lunch (two sets — vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and I was exhausted physically and mentally. I told them that I only had enough reserve energy to prepare dinner.

Their response surprised me. They said we could have sandwiches for dinner which Sam volunteered to make if I would relent and bake something. Not a bad deal — so long as it was a simple baking project.

Sam proceeded to her computer, went straight to Pinterest, asked me to go online and, over chat, she started sending me links of recipes I could bake. The options she gave me all looked delicious, we didn’t have the ingredients for many of them (we’re out of baking chocolate) and some required too much work. But there was one recipe that looked both simple and delicious — sweetened condensed milk cake. I chose that one but baked cupcakes instead. »

Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting


Chocolate AND custard. Plus a little crunch from the caramelized sugar on top. Can you imagine? It's not a new idea. If you Google "crème brûlée cupcakes", you'll get quite a number of pages in the result. Most, however, use yellow or vanilla batter for the cupcakes. Why did I go chocolate? I was inspired by a photo on … »

Jam-filled cupcakes

Jam-filled cupcakes

My girls love cupcakes so I bake when they're home on weekends. Seems to be the only practical time to do it anyway. A cupcake recipe usually yields eight to 12 cupcakes which are too much for Speedy and myself. But when everyone's home, eight to 12 cupcakes are rarely too much.Last night, I was baking butter cupcakes … »

Banana walnut cupcakes


There is a banana walnut cake recipe in the archive but this is not the cupcake version of that recipe. This is an entirely new recipe and I like this better because the cake is softer and more moist. The walnuts were not stirred into the cupcake batter but sprinkled on top before baking. That's because my daughters aren't … »

Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


The cake is light and fluffy but it isn’t a chiffon type cake. The frosting is made with cream cheese and cocoa powder. The experience of eating these cupcakes is nothing short of magical. Speedy and Alex consumed their share silently and that says a lot because if they’re unhappy with the food, they are … »

Strawberry-flavored red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


Just what shade of red a red velvet cake should be depends on the coloring agent and the amount of cocoa powder added to the cake batter. Some use beet roots to acquire the red hue but the modern practice is to use commercial food color. I’ve long been intrigued by the red velvet cake. […]The post … »

Mid-afternoon snack


The day my brother found out I was getting married, the first thing he told our mother was to hire a cook. That was how much he was going to miss me. After that, whenever we get together, I make sure that I feed him well. He and his family were in the house yesterday and these were what we had for our mid-afternoon snack -- … »