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Sweetened condensed milk cupcakes: lessons learned

When Sam asked me to bake something for dessert last night, I begged off. Alex chimed in, they really wanted something sweet, but I spent a long time preparing lunch (two sets -- vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and I was exhausted physically and mentally. I told them that I … [Read more...]

Jam-filled cupcakes

Jam-filled cupcakes

My girls love cupcakes so I bake when they're home on weekends. Seems to be the only practical time to do it anyway. A cupcake recipe usually yields eight to 12 cupcakes which are too much for Speedy and myself. But when everyone's home, eight to 12 cupcakes are rarely too … [Read more...]


Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

The cake is light and fluffy but it isn't a chiffon type cake. The frosting is made with cream cheese and cocoa powder. The experience of eating these cupcakes is nothing short of magical. Speedy and Alex consumed their share silently and that says a lot because if they're … [Read more...]


Mid-afternoon snack

The day my brother found out I was getting married, the first thing he told our mother was to hire a cook. That was how much he was going to miss me. After that, whenever we get together, I make sure that I feed him well. He and his family were in the house yesterday and … [Read more...]