Peanut crepes with dulce de leche filling

That Easter weekend when my brother and his family stayed with us, my brother and his wife attended mass at the Antipolo Cathedral then visited the commercial center beside it. Some background. That commercial center was once … [Read more...]


Crêpes with apricot jam and syrup

I'm not a fan of pancake syrup. When I was a child, I ate my pancakes with butter and nothing else. I would later learn that sweetened condensed milk made pancakes even more fun but I really never acquired the habit of … [Read more...]


Easy dessert crepes, version 2

Crepes are thin pancakes. How thin they have to be to distinguish them from breakfast pancakes, I do not know. I like mine paper thin, as thin as I can manage to cook them without breaking them. I usually stuff my crepes with … [Read more...]


Nutella Crepes

A crepe is a very thin pancake. It may be sweet or savory. It may be served open-faced, folded or rolled. If a crepe is sweet and Nutella-filled, you can call it Nirvana or Heaven. Or any word that approximates an out-of-body … [Read more...]


Crepes a la mode

We were watching Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago and there was this scene where Olive (Abigail Breslin) ordered waffles a la mode (she pronounced it a la mo-dee). The waitress explained that it meant the waffles … [Read more...]


Crepes and cheese

My family used to love pancakes. We've been pancake eaters for years until I discovered a very simply recipe for crepes at the back of a Maya pancake mix box. Since then, pancake mixes becomes crepes... oh, about four out of … [Read more...]