Dessert crêpes with applesauce and dark chocolate ganache


Without garnish, crêpes are just thin pancakes. Dress them up and they become a gorgeous dessert.

I made crêpes early this morning intending to serve them for breakfast. I was going to brush the crêpes with applesauce, fill them with poached apple slices, sprinkle them with powdered sugar, and serve them. But the remaining block of dark chocolate on the kitchen island was calling out. It was like a magnet and I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. So, I gave in. And the crêpes, as garnished, were more dessert crêpes than breakfast crêpes. I still served them for breakfast though. Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast anyway? »

Custard-filled crepes cake with dark chocolate ganache topping


A lovely dessert that doesn't require an oven. Make the crepes on the stove, spread with custard and stack one on top of the other. Then top with dark chocolate ganache. It's like Boston cream pie (which isn't really a pie but a cake) but, instead of two layers of sponge cake, there are twenty layers of crepe. Consider it a … »

Peanut crepes with dulce de leche filling


That Easter weekend when my brother and his family stayed with us, my brother and his wife attended mass at the Antipolo Cathedral then visited the commercial center beside it. Some background. That commercial center was once an open-gym-like structure with stalls of pasalubong (souvenirs, mostly native delicacies) stalls … »

Crêpes with apricot jam and syrup


I'm not a fan of pancake syrup. When I was a child, I ate my pancakes with butter and nothing else. I would later learn that sweetened condensed milk made pancakes even more fun but I really never acquired the habit of dousing my pancakes with bottled syrup. Speedy likes syrup though and our girls acquired his taste for … »

Easy dessert crepes, version 2


Crepes are thin pancakes. How thin they have to be to distinguish them from breakfast pancakes, I do not know. I like mine paper thin, as thin as I can manage to cook them without breaking them. I usually stuff my crepes with fruits then drizzle them with syrup but even without filling, crepes can be delicious and … »

Breakfast crepes with caramelized apples and cinnamon

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Crepes, or very thin pancakes, are not commonly associated with breakfast. More often, crepes are served for dessert. I made these crepes with apples and cinnamon for breakfast today but I know that they'll be just as good if I serve them for dessert. If you make these crepes and decide to serve them for dessert, you may … »

Nutella Crepes


A crepe is a very thin pancake. It may be sweet or savory. It may be served open-faced, folded or rolled. If a crepe is sweet and Nutella-filled, you can call it Nirvana or Heaven. Or any word that approximates an out-of-body experience. Because it is truly delicious.The idea comes from a dessert they serve nowadays at … »

Midnight snack: crepes, bananas and guava jelly

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We were watching some DVDs last night and, close to midnight, we found ourselves hungry only to discover there was no bread in the house to make some quick sandwiches. There were boxes of cereals and lots of milk but cereals just don't seem right for a midnight snack. My daughter, Alex, wanted some crepes but there was no … »

Crepes a la mode

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We were watching Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago and there was this scene where Olive (Abigail Breslin) ordered waffles a la mode (she pronounced it a la mo-dee). The waitress explained that it meant the waffles would be served with ice cream and her uncle went on to expound on the origin of the term a la mode. … »

Crepes and cheese

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My family used to love pancakes. We've been pancake eaters for years until I discovered a very simply recipe for crepes at the back of a Maya pancake mix box. Since then, pancake mixes becomes crepes... oh, about four out of five times. We like experimenting with syrups to go with the crepes too. Like the time I thinned a … »