Crêpes with apricot jam and syrup

I'm not a fan of pancake syrup. When I was a child, I ate my pancakes with butter and nothing else. I would later learn that sweetened condensed milk made pancakes even more ... (more)


Easy dessert crepes, version 2

Crepes are thin pancakes. How thin they have to be to distinguish them from breakfast pancakes, I do not know. I like mine paper thin, as thin as I can manage to cook them ... (more)


Nutella Crepes

A crepe is a very thin pancake. It may be sweet or savory. It may be served open-faced, folded or rolled. If a crepe is sweet and Nutella-filled, you can call it Nirvana or ... (more)


Crepes a la mode

We were watching Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago and there was this scene where Olive (Abigail Breslin) ordered waffles a la mode (she pronounced it a la mo-dee). ... (more)


Crepes and cheese

My family used to love pancakes. We've been pancake eaters for years until I discovered a very simply recipe for crepes at the back of a Maya pancake mix box. Since then, ... (more)


Easy dessert crepes

I found a recipe for crepes at the back of a Maya pancake mix box and I've been having crepes for breakfast for two days. The batter is really just a diluted pancake batter ... (more)