For St. Patrick’s Day: after dinner mint


After a quick trip to the market, Speedy checked his Facebook account, found a lot of Happy St. Patrick's Day greetings from his family, relatives and friends in the U.S. and asked if I had posted anything for St. Patrick's Day. I said no -- no post for St. Patrick's Day. An Irish cultural and religious holiday, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated not only in Ireland but in … [Read more...]

Minty Mocha


I love chocolate especially the mint-flavored ones. And I love coffee. Put those two favorites in one drink and I'm a happy person. Add some booze and I'll probably get giggly. Add two kinds of booze then drop a candy cane into the mug to stir the coffee with and it is irresistible. Which was exactly what happened when I came across the minty mocha drink at Serious Eats … [Read more...]

Crème de menthe

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Crème de menthe is used not only as an ingredient for cocktail drinks but as a dessert ingredient or garnish too.Crème de menthe comes in two colors: green and clear (if you can call "clear" a color). They are both made with corsican mint and they taste the same except that green creme de menthe is made with the leaves (ergo, the green color) while clear creme de … [Read more...]

Minty Madness, another creamy cocktail drink


Sometimes, I wonder if feline DNA molecules have gotten mixed into mine. See, I love cream. In desserts, with meat, in my coffee... Type "cream" in the search box on top of the page, hit search and you'll see how many recipes in my blog includes cream among the ingredients.Does that make me a cat? I sure hope not although I am an avid cat lover. But even if I weren't, … [Read more...]