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Creamy potato soup

Before we went to bed last night, typhoon signal #2 had been raised over Rizal Province. Which means no school for my younger daughter, Alex. She got up late this morning, asked what we were having for lunch and I... (more)


Creamy corn and clam soup

It's tempting to call this soup a chowder because of the thick and creamy broth but it contains no salted pork nor bacon which is a traditional ingredient of chowders so I won't call it a chowder. It's just as... (more)

Peaches and cream

Peaches and cream

This is a no-cook dessert and a variation of the mango royale recipe in the archive. Unlike the older mango royale recipe, I have found a way to make the cream filling firm without freezing. My husband prefers this dessert... (more)