Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey plus how I cooked the leftovers

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

*Originally posted in October 13, 2009 after the Ondoy floods, I am reposting these turkey recipes for those who are looking for creative ways to prepare leftover turkey meat. Two turkey leftover recipes in this post -- and don't miss the additional list at the end of the second recipe.The week after typhoon Ondoy hit the country and people were panic-buying and … [Read more...]

Tres leches cake


The first time I made tres leches, I baked cupcakes. Speedy and the girls loved it so much that they have been asking me to make tres leches cupcakes again. But I didn't because the process of brushing the hot cupcakes with the three-milk mixture was such a messy affair.For those of you who missed the cupcake version, tres leches refers to a cake popular in South … [Read more...]

Creamy potato soup


Before we went to bed last night, typhoon signal #2 had been raised over Rizal Province. Which means no school for my younger daughter, Alex. She got up late this morning, asked what we were having for lunch and I told her, we've having her favorite -- fried tilapia. And she asked if we could have soup with the fish. Cream of mushrooms, she said. I told her we didn't have … [Read more...]

Creamed chicken and potato soup


We constructed a kitchen in the gazebo. It's structurally complete but we need to install additional lighting fixtures. And there are no pullout shelves in the cabinets yet. We'll get there. Soon. Meanwhile, I was too excited to wait for everything to be completed. So, I cooked tonight's creamed chicken and potato soup there. And, my oh my! The difference that natural … [Read more...]

Mango Royale


Below, the April 30, 2009 version.This recipe was originally published in April 13, 2004. The full text of that original entry is on page 2. We have made this dessert so many times, using different fruits -- fresh and canned -- and each time was a learning experience. Bottom line -- this here is the best way to make this wonderful dessert, at least, so far. If I come … [Read more...]

Creamy corn and clam soup


It's tempting to call this soup a chowder because of the thick and creamy broth but it contains no salted pork nor bacon which is a traditional ingredient of chowders so I won't call it a chowder. It's just as tempting to call this soup a bisque but it doesn't contain pureed seafood so I won't call it a bisque either. It's just a simple and delicious creamy corn and clam … [Read more...]

Penne with portobello mushrooms


Inspired by the pasta with white sauce that accompanied my chicken lunch at La Maison, the discovery that La Maison's pasta was made with portobello mushrooms came as a coincidence. I had never eaten portobello mushrooms before (it used to be hard to find them in local supermarkets) so when I saw trays and trays of the stuff at Shopwise, I bought a 220-gram pack. Six … [Read more...]

Mango cream pie


The day we learned that Red Ribbon Bake Shop had phased out its Mango Cream Pie was a sad day. The Mango Cream Pie was one of the two reasons we patronize Red Ribbon, the other reason being its chicken empanada. It was especially disappointing for my younger daughter, Alex, who loves Red Ribbon's Mango Cream Pie to bits. I told her I'd learn how to make something like it. … [Read more...]

Peaches and cream

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This is a no-cook dessert and a variation of the mango royale recipe in the archive. Unlike the older mango royale recipe, I have found a way to make the cream filling firm without freezing. My husband prefers this dessert frozen but it loses its light and airy texture and instead acquires the texture of ice cream with ice crystals which I really do not enjoy. I prefer the … [Read more...]

Fresh tropical fruits salad


Ditch the canned fruit cocktail with the rubbery content that is 90% chewy papaya. Fresh fruits tossed in a mixture of cream and sweetened condensed milk may entail more work but the result is a far, far cry from miniscule fruit pieces swimming in white mass.There are no hard and fast rules as to what fruits can go into the salad. My family's preferences include … [Read more...]