Chocolate-topped cream cheese cookies

Have I mentioned that when my daughters are bored, they go into the kitchen to make something? Not a case of food craving since Speedy and I are often left to finish what they have made. It's more of a need to create … [Read more...]


Christmas cookie series: Chocolate crinkles

This recipe was originally published in January of 2007. I am reposting it because, for some reason, the recipe page does not render correctly -- nothing shows after the title. Really strange. I'm not sure if it has something … [Read more...]


Lemon squares

This is an updated version of a recipe originally published in May 23, 2005.This pastry comes by many names. Cut them into bars and they're known as lemon bars. Bake in a tart pan and it's a lemon tart. Bake in a pie pan … [Read more...]