Bistek, Filipino Beef Steak

The Filipino version of steak is bistek. I used to think that bistek was a localized pronunciation and spelling of beef steak ... (more)


Pork menudo

This is Filipino menudo. Pork, liver, peas, potatoes, carrots... There is a Mexican menudo which is similar to what we call ... (more)


Chicken, corn and macaroni soup

Feeling a bit under the weather? It seems there's a bug going around. I thought I was the only one suffering from flu-like ... (more)


SPAM pizza bread

Cans of SPAM are getting opened so frequently in our house these days that I'm worried people might start thinking I'm a ... (more)


Goto (beef tripe) congee

Terms can be confusing. When one says "goto" in the Philippines, he can be referring to tripe or to a congee with tripe. I've ... (more)


Chili fries

French fried potatoes topped with chili beef and garnished with cheese. Serve as a main dish or as a snack. A real ... (more)


Sausage and beans

My father loved canned pork and beans. So did I. Hunt's, to be more precise. Everyone in Speedy's family loves pork and beans ... (more)