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Chicken, corn and macaroni soup

Feeling a bit under the weather? It seems there's a bug going around. I thought I was the only one suffering from flu-like symptoms but it seems not. These drastic changes in the weather and temperature are more than enough... (more)


The ultimate chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad sandwich was one of my favorites as a child. Back then, however, I did not want chopped onions in my chicken salad filling. I don't remember anymore when the craving for more flavors, textures and contrasts began. By... (more)


SPAM pizza bread

Cans of SPAM are getting opened so frequently in our house these days that I'm worried people might start thinking I'm a spokesperson for SPAM. I'm not. We buy our SPAM from the supermarket; I don't get freebies from the... (more)


Sausage and beans

My father loved canned pork and beans. So did I. Hunt's, to be more precise. Everyone in Speedy's family loves pork and beans too. But our daughters hate the stuff. I tried to entice them by turning the "pork and... (more)