In celebration of the birthday (name day to you, Game of Thrones fans) of my brother-in-law, Buddy, I am reposting this mojito recipe. May you have a great one, Bud, and may we all find a common to time to actually down more than a few glasses of mojito soon. … [Read more...]

Kiwi martini


Kiwi is short for kiwifruit. This luscious fruit with light green flesh wasn't always known by that name. It had many names in different countries (it still does, actually). It became "kiwifuit" in a branding attempt by New Zealand commercial exporters. You know, to associate the fruit with the country where kiwi, a bird, is the national symbol. Apparently, the marketing … [Read more...]

Soju and passionfruit cocktail


Soju is an alcoholic beverage traditionally made from rice. It is clear and colorless and it has often been described as a sweeter version of vodka. Soju's alcohol content varies from a timid 16% to an electrifying 45%.Korea is the primary producer of soju and Jinro is reputedly the biggest among these producers. Jinro soju has been declared the world's best selling … [Read more...]

What does natural lemonade look like?


When Sam mentioned that she needed a pretty bottle to take "product shots" of for a class, Speedy bought a bottle of Casino Limonade traditionelle.But that's not Sam's photo. I took all the photos in this post as the ones she took, she had to submit to her teacher and I don't want to use them until Sam says it's okay. I respect intellectual property rights, you know, … [Read more...]

Purple Mask: the cocktail, the play and the movie


In 1905, a play called "The Scarlet Pimpernel" opened in England to negative reviews. The novel, based on the play, was published soon after and was a success. "The Scarlet Pimpernel" is a story about an aristocratic dandy, Sir Percy Blakeney, who led a double life as a masked hero and leader of a secret society who rescued French aristocrats from revolutionaries during … [Read more...]

Watermelon punch


It's a cool day, the girls are back in their condo, it's time to unwind adult-style. Lunch was something that Speedy and I like (the girls tend to monopolize the choice of meals when they're home and I'm such an indulgent dolt, so...) -- stewed mongo (mung beans) and eggplants with crisp pork cubes a la lechon kawali.By sunset, I decided to do something with the … [Read more...]

How do you like your tea? With milk and sugar or without?


I'm a little weird when it comes to my coffee and tea habits. I can't drink my coffee black -- I need to add sugar and cream or milk. But with tea, it's the complete opposite. I like my tea plain. A squeeze of lemon juice and a bit of honey is fine. But milk and sugar? I used to balk at the very thought of adding milk and sugar to tea until Alex, who loves milk tea, … [Read more...]

Watermelon iced tea


It was Sam who gave us our first taste of watermelon iced tea. She cut seedless watermelon into small cubes, dropped them into glasses of iced tea, gave Speedy and me each a glass and, oh wow, were we wide-eyed with surprise! So simple, so basic, so very refreshing. How could we not have thought of that?The key, of course, is good iced tea and seedless watermelon. … [Read more...]

Coctel Adelita


It kicks. Seriously. Five shots of tequila and one shot of Kahlua, and, well... it should kick. It's a good thing that I took photos before I downed the glass of Coctel Adelita. If I had insisted on sampling it before taking the photos, I might have had a serious case of camera shake and the images would have probably turned out badly blurred.The recipe is from the … [Read more...]

In search of the real margarita


I'm a mojito girl. After my UP Law class held a reunion / testimonial dinner a year and a half ago, in some of the photos that came out on Facebook, I was referred to as "that mojito chick." But long before I was introduced to mojito, I was in love with the margarita. Speedy's sister, Ava, was housekeeping manager at a swank hotel, she managed to inveigle from the hotel … [Read more...]