Yema balls


When I met with girl friends from law school for our annual Christmas get-together one night last week, we exchanged gifts and each of them got a container of yema balls from me. The photo above was taken by one of my friends while we were having coffee that night. She posted it on Facebook and I'm using it (thank you, Laly!) because I've made huge batches of yema balls … [Read more...]

Soda can roast chicken. Perfectly cooked. Beautifully browned.


Finally, the roast chicken that figured prominently in the two previous posts -- the honey cider vinegar I used for the salad dressing that accompanied the chicken and the free range chicken experiment -- takes center stage. Yes, that is free range chicken and if you want to learn more about our experiment, click the link in the previous sentence.This is a soda can … [Read more...]

Sticky rice mold with dulce de leche and toasted coconut topping


Inspired by how wonderfully the suman with dulce de leche dipping sauce turned out, I decided to create a similar dessert (or snack) using practically the same ingredients -- sticky rice, homemade dulce de leche and coconut. But instead adding the coconut or its extraction to the rice, I used toasted flaked coconuts to top my creation.It's very simple, the only thing … [Read more...]

How to make buko (coconut) and pandan jelly drink


The term "buko pandan" can mean either of two things. The first is buko pandan dessert with coconut meat and cubes of pandan-flavored pudding (made with gelatin or agar-agar) mixed with cream and sweetened condensed milk. The second is an iced drink made with coconut juice, shredded coconut meat and cubes of pandan-flavored pudding.The buko pandan drink is essentially … [Read more...]

The sugar for diabetics, organic food lovers and South Beach dieters


When we ordered coffee after our delicious lunch at Gourmet's Cafe last Sunday, bowls of sugar and creamer were placed on our table. As I scooped the sugar, I was surprised at the texture. Although it looked like light brown sugar, the sugar in the bowl was not moist and sticky the way light brown sugar is. The texture is more similar to that of muscovado but it couldn't … [Read more...]

Bicol Express


I've always wondered how Bicol Express could be cooked with lots of chilies but without making the dish too spicy that it practically scorches the mouth and throat. The answer was so simple I wondered why I never made the connection before -- scrape off the seeds and membranes of some of the chilies. Gee, I wrote about that in If you want your chilies mildly hot instead of … [Read more...]

Spinach, mushrooms and squash in coconut cream


Dear Kulinarya Cooking Club,My vegetable dish post is late, I know. I don't have an excuse but I do have an explanation. I was so very busy tweaking templates and editing old entries to make my blog compliant with Google's new specialized recipe search service. If you're not a food blogger, or you're a food blogger but don't care about all that technical stuff (or maybe … [Read more...]

Holiday dessert: banana, toffee and cream


Sunday afternoon. I was lazily browsing through numerous food blogs, discovering ones I had never visited before, when I came upon this gorgeous, gorgeous no-cook dessert. The base is made with crushed digestive biscuits smothered with toffee sauce. Sliced bananas are added, then a dollop of whipped cream topped with grated milk chocolate.My first instinct was what I … [Read more...]

Baked and broiled baby back ribs


Speedy and the girls were so enamored of my version of chicken tikka that I decided to use the same marinade for pork ribs. But unlike boneless chicken that had been cut into small pieces, pork ribs take much longer to cook. So, instead of directly grilling the pork, I decided to bake the ribs in the marinade then broil them afterward to char the outside. The result was … [Read more...]

Laing (spicy pork, shrimps, taro leaves and coconut milk stew)


This is an updated version of a recipe originally published in March 1, 2005.Laing is a dish whose origin is attributed to the Bicol region where coconut milk figures prominently in the local cuisine. I've tasted so many versions of laing -- from almost dry to creamy, from meaty to meatless. Although I absolutely love the almost dry and practically meatless version, I … [Read more...]