Oatmeal de luxe: porridge with caramelized apples, honey and cinnamon


Speedy's sick. He finds it hard to swallow solids so he's on a soft diet. Last night, it was plain congee; this morning, oatmeal. But not plain oatmeal. I was trying to tempt him to eat more so I did things to the oatmeal.Things? Yes, you know, I played with his food, to be honest. I cooked the oatmeal as usual but with a pinch of salt. When it was done, I stirred in two … [Read more...]

Toasted cake


Last week, I baked a cake and, apparently, my family didn't like it so much. It had been sitting in the fridge for days, drying out, and I just wanted to do something with it. I did, today. For breakfast. It's a trick I've done with old pancakes before. Obviously, it works with batter-type cakes too. … [Read more...]

Breakfast crepes with caramelized apples and cinnamon


Crepes, or very thin pancakes, are not commonly associated with breakfast. More often, crepes are served for dessert. I made these crepes with apples and cinnamon for breakfast today but I know that they'll be just as good if I serve them for dessert. If you make these crepes and decide to serve them for dessert, you may want to top the apple filling with whipped cream … [Read more...]

Cafe con leche


To complete the Mexican theme of yesterday's brunch, I had a cup of cafe con leche with the potato, chorizo and chili dish. What is cafe con leche? The literal translation is coffee with milk but the name doesn't do justice to this wonderful anytime-of-the-day drink.Just so I don't get accused of being politically incorrect, let me say that there are many versions of … [Read more...]

Choco apple cake

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In an attempt to salvage two apples that had been sitting on the counter for a couple of days following the three-day blackout brought about by typhoon Ondoy, I prepared the basic recipe for butterscotch brownies, double everything, added diced apples and chopped dark chocolate and came up with a winner.Recipe for butterscotch brownies? Aren't brownies basically … [Read more...]

Banana walnut cake

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(Updated) Moist but not dense, this banana cake is light, not excessively sweet and there's the added pleasure of getting some crunch from the walnuts and the streusel topping. Based on a recipe from the web site of Sylvia Reynoso Gala, I substituted melted butter for the cooking oil because, in my experience, using cooking oil in cakes leaves an undesirable sensation in … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart’s plum coffee muffins


There is no coffee in this recipe. I suppose the title merely suggests that they are a great accompaniment for a hot cup of coffee. We had these muffins late last night. A little before 9.00 p.m., there was a news bulletin on TV that classes in elementary and high school had been suspended for today, July 28, because of expected monsoon rains triggered by typhoon "Igme". … [Read more...]

Strawberry streusel cake

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According to Wikipedia, the term streusel (a German word meaning "something scattered or sprinkled", from the verb streuen, akin to the English verb 'strew') refers to a crumb topping of butter, flour, and sugar (traditional German) that is baked on top of muffins, breads, and cakes. The original recipe used fresh blueberries; I substituted strawberries -- not because I do … [Read more...]

French toast in 3 steps


When I made some French toasts for breakfast a few days ago and took so much pain taking photos, I did wonder what I was going to do with all the photos. I was sure I have more than one French toast entry in my blog but I took the photos just the same. I'm glad I did. I scanned my archives and it turned out that although I have three French toast recipes, I don't have any … [Read more...]

Coffee jelly dessert

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I don't know why... but coffee jelly seems to be the craze these days. Fastfoods and restaurants alike have it in their menus. Wendy's, I think, was the first fastfood to serve coffee jelly. Not too good, the jelly wasn't soft and chewy. Tough as nails, actually. Oh, okay, that's an exaggeration. But, really, the jelly was far too tough for dessert. McDonald's is also … [Read more...]