Dark chocolate truffles

Making European-style pastries used to intimidate me. They look so dainty and delicate and I'm always worried that I'm too heavy handed to execute them. Well, I'm slowly … [Read more...]


Chocolate fudge brownies

The old chocolate fudge brownies recipe published on November 6, 2008 was loved by many but I have discovered an even better recipe so I am relegating the old one to page two … [Read more...]


Chocolate chunk cookies

A lot of things -- good and bad -- have been said about Martha Stewart. I don't know her personally, I don't have the inside scoop on how she really operates, but I have to … [Read more...]


Tres leches cake

The first time I made tres leches, I baked cupcakes. Speedy and the girls loved it so much that they have been asking me to make tres leches cupcakes again. But I didn't … [Read more...]


Chocolate rum balls

Another no-bake dessert. This sweet treat is more popularly known simply as rum balls but I decided to include chocolate in the title because it appears that there are recipes … [Read more...]


The most sinful chocolate cake

Among all the chocolate recipes I have tried -- and I have tried a lot -- this is the one I like best. It isn't a chiffon cake but it isn't a batter-type cake either. It is … [Read more...]