Choco(late) coco(nut) and (pea)nut pancakes

Choco coco nut pancakes

When people want variety in their pancakes, the most popular solution is to stir in fresh fruits in the batter. You know, apple pancakes today, banana pancakes tomorrow, blueberry pancakes after that… Or, the syrup that is traditionally drizzled over the pancakes is infused with different flavors.

Pancakes are a good base for a light meal. But fruits and syrup are, well… I thought of something different. I made pancake batter and stirred in coconut flakes, crushed roasted peanuts and chocolate morsels. Eating the pancakes was a dream — there’s the crisp coconut flakes, the almost indiscernible crunch of the crushed peanuts and then there’s the soft chocolate morsels that melt in the mouth… (more)

Dark chocolate and orange truffles


If you find that strawberries and chocolate go together well, wait 'till you pair chocolate with oranges. Twice as good; maybe, even more.The inspiration came from a childhood memory. We used to buy bags of mini-chocolate bars, a local brand -- … »

Oats, nuts, chocolate and caramel squares


Inspired by a turtle bars recipe (I don’t really know the definition for turtle bars), these nuggets contain oats, nuts, chocolate, sugar, flour, butter and caramel. No eggs which should make them vegetarian-friendly. When the flour, oats, … »

Baked apple turon (spring rolls)


I've been seeing a lot of baked turon on the web lately. It's obviously an attempt to create a low fat version of a traditionally deep-fried favorite. What's really curious is how turon is referred to as lumpia. It isn't, exactly. Turon is fried … »

Chocolate and coffee cocktail. Hot and spicy. Served with ice.


Four of my favorite things in the world come together in this hot and cold cocktail drink. Yes, hot and cold. Just read on and you'll find out why. And what are the four favorite things? Chocolate, coffee, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur and Bailey's Irish … »

Valentine’s Day chocolate truffles


It has often been said that one shouldn't judge another by looks alone. A pretty woman may not possess a good personality; a handsome man may not have a good heart. In short, a case of the outside appearance hiding something bad inside.It's … »

Donuts and donut holes with white and dark chocolate ganache topping


Exactly fourteen months ago, Sam and I worked on a project -- homemade donuts. I made the dough, she did the cutting, the frying and the frosting. Tonight, we had homemade donuts again but Sam did them all by herself. And hers, based on a recipe by … »

Tiramisu with Kahlua


I’ve made tiramisu with ladyfingers and I’ve made a version served in wineglasses. Last Sunday, I made yet another variation of tiramisu — with the softest and moistest sponge cake which I drizzled with strong coffee spiked with … »

Eye-candy cake with chocolate ganache


If you've been following this blog long enough, you might remember the zebra cake and the rainbow cake from three years ago. This cake -- and I really can't think of a better name for it except eye candy because it is so, so, soooo pretty -- is a … »