Chili chicken and fresh pineapple

Chili chicken and fresh pineapple

Vegetarian Sam likes to have lots of fruits when she’s home on weekends. Speedy bought a whole pineapple last Saturday but Sam was not able to come home. The pineapple won’t stay fresh until the next weekend so Speedy finally skinned it.

As he did so, on the other end of the kitchen island, I was prepping a whole chicken for lunch. I had cut the bird up into serving size pieces but I still hadn’t decided how I was going to cook it. I was thinking chicken kaldereta but, on second thought, I felt a stew was too heavy for lunch on a humid day. My eyes wandered to the pineapple, I noticed how Speedy was popping pieces into his mouth as he sliced and cut, and I explaimed, “Hep, hold it! Leave some for the chicken.”

And I went on to make this chili chicken and fresh pineapple dish. With bold and vibrant flavors and colors, the browned chicken is braised in the natural juices that the pineapple expels during cooking. »

Zucchini medallions with mozzarella and chili


Ever since I made the meatballs a la parmigiana, I've been wondering how to transform it into a vegetarian dish. Eggplants would turn too soggy if baked or fried then baked again until the cheese topping melted. Other vegetables that could withstand multiple cooking, like cauliflower, are too irregularly shaped to hold the … »

Vegetarian baked stuffed potatoes


So filling. So delicious. The stuffing is a mixture of kidney beans, chili, chopped tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and tossed with a little melted butter. The cheese can be any variety that melts well. Note, though, that the amount of salt needed to season the filling well is … »

Grilled pork, pepper and mango stir fry with peanut sauce


Today's 15-minute lunch is a medley of meat, vegetables, fruit, aromatics and a sauce that will leave you wondering why you never thought of throwing together pantry basics to create something so uniquely wonderful.What sauce? One made with peanut butter, hoisin sauce, kalamansi juice and chopped chilies. A spin on … »

Spicy pulled pork with flash-fried eggplants


A dish I cooked on December 1, 2012, according to the neatly organized photo folders in my external drive. That hard drive is about the only place where I have neatly organized files but, to make sure, I double checked by looking at the file info automatically generated by my camera. And the date is indeed December 1, 2012, … »

Ginger pork with spinach and baby corn


Meaty, spicy, colorful and with lots of texture. The pork was cut into thin, thin slices then marinated in a little fish sauce and lots of grated ginger. Then, the meat was stir fried and drizzled with a bit of soy sauce for color. The chilies, spinach and baby corn were added, and everything was stir fried for a couple of … »

Phat Kaphrao (Thai stir fried meat with basil and chilis)


On Facebook, Speedy re-shared that Saveur page with the 55 Great Global Food Blogs and it made me re-visit some of the blogs on the list including Leela's She Simmers where I found a recipe for a stir fried dish that, according to Thai Airways Magazine is "fourth among the ten Thai dishes ordered most frequently by … »

Tips for perfectly-textured stir-fried eggplants


Eggplants. Inexpensive. Filling. Easy to prepare. Versatile. Cooks in a jiffy. Eggplants are moist and succulent and, if you're lucky to have Asian eggplants, sweet. What's not to like? The trouble with eggplants is that cooking them can be tricky. Undercook them by one minute and they would be too tough. Overcook them by a … »

Chili (chilli, chile) is not a pepper. So what is chili pepper?


Long before there was Red Hot Chili Peppers, the chili was already widely referred to as chili pepper. Chili and pepper, however, are two very different plants. And the story about how the chili came to be known as chili pepper is both amusing and (tongue-in-cheek) amazing.Chili (alternative spellings are chile and … »

Cheese-stuffed peppers a la chili relleno


Chili relleno, literally stuffed chili, is a Mexican dish that consists of roasted poblano pepper that is split and seeded, stuffed, coated in batter then deep fried. Served with chunky tomato sauce, it is a wonderful starter or snack with its layers of flavors, colors and textures. I've been wanting to make chili relleno … »