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Baked herbed 2-citrus chicken

Father’s Day in our house just means Speedy is exempt from chores. On Mother’s Day, I am exempt from chores. At least, it was like that for many years but not since we’ve been without live-in househelp. These days, no one gets exempt from chores. This year, however, it looks like there’s going to be […]

Roast plump chicken

I’m not entirely sure if “roast” should really go before “plump” or whether it’s the other way around. But, anyway… I find it depressing when roast chicken comes out of the oven with its skin looking wrinkled. It just makes the chicken look scrawny even if it isn’t. I wondered if I could use the […]

Baked spicy chicken with garlic kangkong (swamp spinach)

Five chicken portions (thighs with part of the back): PhP99.00 (about USD2.40). Chinese kangkong (swamp spinach): PhP15.00 (about USD0.36). Cooking oil, seasonings, spices and condiments: probably PhP50.00 (about USD1.20). Last night’s dinner: priceless. But that’s not all. This is a very low-fat dish. The chicken cooks in its own juices and the side dish needs […]