Roast plump chicken

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I'm not entirely sure if "roast" should really go before "plump" or whether it's the other way around. But, anyway... I find it depressing when roast chicken comes out of the oven with its skin looking wrinkled. It just makes the chicken look scrawny even if it isn't. I wondered if I could use the Chinese roast duck technique and blow hard between the chicken skin and meat … [Read more...]

Baked spicy chicken with garlic kangkong (swamp spinach)

Five chicken portions (thighs with part of the back): PhP99.00 (about USD2.40). Chinese kangkong (swamp spinach): PhP15.00 (about USD0.36). Cooking oil, seasonings, spices and condiments: probably PhP50.00 (about USD1.20). Last night's dinner: priceless.But that's not all. This is a very low-fat dish. The chicken cooks in its own juices and the side dish needs only a … [Read more...]

So she can have her soup and veggies too

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It worries me that Sam doesn't get to eat enough vegetables during weekdays. Although she assures me that the meals in the school cafeteria is decent and that they do serve vegetables, I still worry. Vegetables are notorious for making cooked food spoil faster but I figured that if kept down to the basics and if the vegetables are cooked as a soup, perhaps, the dish can … [Read more...]