Skillet chicken with lime, orange and herbs

Last June, I cooked a baked chicken dish that pleased a lot of people. The chicken was flavored with lemon and orange, it's a one pan dish that bakes in the oven so there's no stirring required. But there were a couple of readers who PM'd (via the Facebook page) me asking if … [Read more...]


Chicken and black mushrooms braised in soy-ginger sauce

It starts with the marinade -- a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, sugar, rice wine and white pepper. Into the dark sauce the chicken pieces go where they stay for a couple of hours. Then, the chicken pieces are tossed in corn starch and deep fried just until browned. Not cooked … [Read more...]


Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (Pho Gà)

When I watch food shows on TV, I pay close attention to what street cooks do. Not celebrity chefs cooking on a street corner pretending to cook street food. I mean, the real street food cooks because they are the ones who truly have a feel of the food culture of a … [Read more...]


Baked herbed 2-citrus chicken

Father's Day in our house just means Speedy is exempt from chores. On Mother's Day, I am exempt from chores. At least, it was like that for many years but not since we've been without live-in househelp. These days, no one gets exempt from chores.This year, however, it … [Read more...]


Chicken lo mein with soy-lemon sauce: fast, easy, tasty

When was in development, a group of bloggers, myself included, was approached to form the core of the community and we were each asked to contribute three unpublished recipes. This was one of the recipes I submitted. I am republishing it here for the benefit of … [Read more...]


How to make: Vietnamese chicken salad

Think cole slaw but with chicken, nuts and fresh herbs. And with no mayo. Doesn't sound like cole slaw anymore? That's okay. This Vietnamese chicken salad is better than cole slaw.Bias of an Asian? Maybe. Maybe not. With the chicken, this salad is more filling and a … [Read more...]