Chicken Namban (Fried Chicken Marinated in Sweet Vinegar) with Tartar Sauce

Chicken Namban (Fried Chicken Marinated in Sweet Vinegar)

There is a Japanese channel on satellite TV called NHK World where the shows are a mixture of news, cultural documentaries and cooking. Because no one in the family speaks Japanese, we rely on the subtitles. This dish is from a recipe in one of NHK World’s shows, Dining With The Chef. It was Speedy who saw it, he enumerated the ingredients and described the procedure, then suggested that the full recipe might be available on NHK World’s website. It is.

Chicken namban is a fried chicken dish. Fried chicken fillet, to be more precise. But unlike most fried chicken recipes that start with marinating, chicken namnban fillets are marinated after frying. Strange? Maybe, but the result is delicious… (more)

Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (Ph? Gà)


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Baked herbed 2-citrus chicken


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Roast plump chicken

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Curried chicken lollipops


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