Visualizing our New Year’s Eve meal

If the holidays were all about nostalgia, if the season were a time to look back fondly on happy childhood memories and if I were to create a meal along those lines, I'd have a platter that looks like this -- sliced cold tongue on one side, golden fried dumplings on the … [Read more...]


Rice and cheese quiche

Being Asian, my automatic solution to leftover rice is to stir fry it with bits of meat and vegetables to make Chinese-style fried rice. You guessed it. I have dozens of fried rice recipes in the archive -- some with meat, some with seafood and almost always with a medley of … [Read more...]


Bruschetta with pesto, tomatoes and feta cheese

It's been a while since I posted anything. I was sick -- some bug I caught while shopping. Am not sure if it was bad food or drinking water or something else. But what started as a stomach ache turned into a fever over the weekend. I was still able to cook for the girls … [Read more...]


Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms

I've always wondered if black-eyed peas were different from black-eyed beans. It appears that they're the same. After that discovery, I chanced upon dried sitaw (yard-long) beans at the grocery and I wondered of sitaw beans which have that distinctive black spot, are the … [Read more...]


Spinach quesadillas

I can hear the noise from firecracker explosions as I write this, and it isn't even December 31 yet. On Facebook, author Geraldine Maayo posted about what she calls the impertinence of hospitals preparing for firecracker casualties when we should focus on banning … [Read more...]


Baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese stuffing

The vegetarian dish in our simple Christmas Eve meal. The potatoes were baked, the flesh scooped out, the hollowed out centers stuffed with mashed potatoes, broccoli and shredded cheddar. Creamy and filling. And even better when paired with something that provides a contrast … [Read more...]


Creamed bacon and spinach toast

So many ways to serve toast, so many ways to cook bacon, so many ways to enjoy veggies... Sometimes, we just need to think outside the cooking parameters that we grew up with.This creamed bacon and spinach toast is what would be called an open faced sandwich in some … [Read more...]


Stracciatella alla Romana: Italian egg drop soup

Egg drop soup is something I've always associated with Chinese cuisine and, until a few days ago, I had no idea that egg drop soup exists in many other culinary cultures. The Indian egg drop soup has tomatoes, the Greek version, called avgolemono, has fresh lemon juice, … [Read more...]


Vegetarian all-day breakfast sandwich

Vegetarian girl, Sam, is home and a vegetarian breakfast is in order. Taking a cue from something she always says -- that a good vegetarian dish has multiple textures and flavors -- this sandwich that I prepared for her consists of four layers of filling, each with a … [Read more...]


Pan-grilled eggplants with tomato sauce and cheese

Easy, tasty, filling, vegetarian. When Speedy went to the condo to bring supplies for the girls, I sent this grilled eggplant dish for Sam. There are two older versions of this recipe in the archive but this is so much better and so much faster to prepare.Why better and … [Read more...]