Chayote, shiitake and pepper with tamarind sauce

Vegetables, by themselves, I find rather bland and lacking in depth. That's probably why salads are drizzled with zesty dressings to wake up the veggies. With all-vegetable stir fries, rich sauces and flavored oils are added at the last minute to coat the vegetables with … [Read more...]


Pan-grilled chicken and vegetables with pesto

So, now I can confidently post another recipe. The blog went offline for a few hours yesterday afternoon (an issue about incompatible plugins that made the server crash repeatedly), I was aware that people were seeing "forbidden" when they tried to access any page of the … [Read more...]


The pork version of Speedy’s picadillo

First, there was Speedy's picadillo, a soup made with tender beef cubes, carrots, potatoes and chayote. Next came a close variation in the form of bulalo picadillo. Then, there was Sam's picadillo with upo (bottle gourd) in lieu of chayote. And then, there was chicken soup a … [Read more...]


Pork, chayote, squash and spinach soup

These days, to save on gas, I've developed the habit of cooking meat or chicken in bulk, dividing the cooked meat into portions, freezing them and then thawing out a portion for each meal. Not that we have the same thing every meal. Each portion that gets taken out of the … [Read more...]


Pressure-cooked baby bangus (milkfish) a la tinola

Today is about bangus (milkfish), the national fish of the Philippines. Not because I'm feeling nationalistic but because I was lucky enough to find baby bangus in the market. Been searching for them for a long time because I miss making pressure-cooked bangus … [Read more...]


Miso soup with chicken and chayote

Some soups are so hearty that they can be the main dish. We have a lot of that in the Philippines where, as a practice, we don't serve the soup ahead of the main dish. Soups dishes like tinola, nilaga (literally, boiled) and sinigang (a sour soup with meat or seafood), for … [Read more...]