Garlicky pasta with mixed vegetables

A variation of the classic pasta aglio e olio, this version has chunky vegetables, a little tomato paste and thinly sliced basil. Very much vegetarian. Vegan, in fact, if you don't top with cheese.Sam likes spirals but any pasta shape will taste just as delicious. She was … [Read more...]


Meatless misua soup with broccoli and cauliflower

Misua (also spelled miswa or mee swa) is a thin Chinese noodle made from wheat. In Chinese and Chinese-influenced cultures, it is often cooked as a stir fry for special occasions especially on birthdays to symbolize long life. The best stir fried misua I have ever eaten was … [Read more...]


Blanched vegetables tossed with butter and herbs

A plate of vegetables bursting with colors, textures and shapes is a visual delight. Your eyes feast on the wonderful vision, signals are sent to the brain that the veggies must taste good because they look good, your brain sends signals to your digestive system and demands … [Read more...]


Cauliflower, peas and ham soup

Soup. Some people consider it essential to start a meal. Speedy and Sam feel that way; Alex and I are okay without it. On those days when I am inclined to make a soup in addition to the main course, I prefer that it be a real soup dish and not just a token broth. Meaning? … [Read more...]


Chicken, veggies and rice in coconut milk

I haven't cooked anything in days. The kids are on the their sem break and we figured it was the best time to take a short out-of-town trip. We spent a few days in Tagaytay, hopping from one restaurant to another and comparing the bulalo soup on their menus. I've so much to … [Read more...]