Curried chicken salad with cashew nuts

One of those afternoons when I had the remote controls all to myself, I chanced upon a Barefoot Contessa marathon on the Food Network. I watched three episodes one after the other (who gets tired of Ina Garten, anyway -- certainly, not me!) making mental notes of the dishes … [Read more...]


Stir-fried chicken with green peas and cashew nuts

Kowloon House on West Avenue in Quezon City was a significant part of my childhood. While we feasted in Chinatown years earlier, by the time I was in my last few years of grade school, we were dining at Kowloon House more often. It was more accessible, there was ample … [Read more...]


Granola bars with pineapple syrup

On with the granola experiments. We've done three, so far, and this is the second. Both the second and third versions were baked with fruit syrup. What fruit syrup?Speedy's sister, Susan, works with Mama Sita. You might have seen her on TV -- she appears on Mama Sita ads. … [Read more...]


Cashew nut cinnamon sugar cookies

I baked two batches over the weekend. With a mere 18-hour interval, believe it or not. The first batch was consumed so fast and everyone was clamoring for a second batch. Apparently, my family is smitten with cinnamon and nutmeg more than they are with vanilla. Every baked … [Read more...]


How to make: Vietnamese chicken salad

Think cole slaw but with chicken, nuts and fresh herbs. And with no mayo. Doesn't sound like cole slaw anymore? That's okay. This Vietnamese chicken salad is better than cole slaw.Bias of an Asian? Maybe. Maybe not. With the chicken, this salad is more filling and a … [Read more...]


Sticky buns, 2 versions: simple and fancy

What differentiates a sticky bun from a cinnamon roll? In making cinnamon rolls, the dough is rolled thinly, spread with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, rolled into a log, cut and baked. Yes, there is a cinnamon roll recipe in the archive. I'm of the no-glaze, no-icing … [Read more...]


Lamb biryani

Although considered an everyday dish in many South Asian countries, cooking biryani can be a challenge especially because the list of ingredients is long and can be intimidating. But it is really worth the effort. Since biryani is a complete meal, just think of all the work … [Read more...]


Glass (cellophane) noodle salad

Unlike Western salads that often feel heavy with ingredients like bacon bits, ham and cheese, this Thai salad is very light in comparison. The flavors are fresh and delicate, the appearance is diaphanous and the texture is light -- but it is quite filling! It is the perfect … [Read more...]


Sweet and spicy bar nuts

When I was in college, very rarely did my friends and I enjoy the luxury of having finger food to go with our beer. Most of the time, we had to content ourselves with salted peanuts -- the greasy kind with skins on.These sweet and spicy bar nuts are a far cry from those … [Read more...]