Chicken rice


Alton Brown's corned beef recipe has intrigued me for a long time. I finally decided to try it. I made the brine, poured it over two large slabs of beef and the meat is now marinating in the fridge where it will stay for the next ten days. But I made too much brine for the two slabs of beef that I had. Instead of throwing away the very flavorful liquid, I decided to use it … [Read more...]

Blanched vegetables tossed with butter and herbs


A plate of vegetables bursting with colors, textures and shapes is a visual delight. Your eyes feast on the wonderful vision, signals are sent to the brain that the veggies must taste good because they look good, your brain sends signals to your digestive system and demands that you dig in, and... Well, that's the thing about food having a visual appeal. Home cooking … [Read more...]