Spot the hidden… no, not Mickey


Taken in a strictly no-smoking building, if you can find my pack of cigarettes, you can probably spot the hidden Mickey in Disney cartoons. No, I didn't smoke inside the building. I went down and out to the smoking area in front of the lobby. Taken at the CSB Hotel last December. … [Read more...]

Coffee and donuts


Sam celebrated her 17th birthday on August 20 but she was in the dorm so we had a belated celebration last night with dinner at Furusato Restaurant on Roxas Boulevard. We were craving for coffee and sweets after dinner and drove to Bonifacio High Street to find a place were we could get decent coffee. But it was so darn warm and humid that instead of looking for the place … [Read more...]



They create plant seeds, they are carriers of ecological information and, recently, they are being sold as food too. Pollen grains appear as a coarse powder to the naked eye; up close they look like this. I'm sure pollens are perpetual objects of curiosity for botanists but for a college friend, they are the reason why she couldn't go jogging anywhere near flower fields. … [Read more...]

Eggplants at Teriyaki Boy


We always order this eggplant appetizer every time we eat at Teriyaki Boy. But after having ordered it more than a dozen times, I still don't know the name of this Japanese dish. … [Read more...]

How to play Talecraft

Talecraft rules

There's a shop in Eastwood called Chills where Sam and Alex buy their emo and goth stuff. We were there one time and I came across boxes of Talecraft on the counter. I picked up a box, loved the description of the game, took out my wallet and got ready to pay for for it. Alex looked over my shoulder and declared that they used to play that in school. Her English teacher at … [Read more...]

Delicious when on sale

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Sam loves Bega Stringers, they're a delicious and healthy snack, but we only buy them about once every six months. Why? Because they're expensive. So we only buy them when they're on sale. To be more specific, when they are either 50% off or buy-one-take-one. Otherwise, we pass. … [Read more...]

Between mother and daughter


Alex wanted to play Scrabble, Sam was busy on her computer and Speedy wanted to sleep. So it was just Alex and me. Our scores were neck-to-neck when Sam made a sudden move, accidentally upset the board and sent the tiles flying. Game over. … [Read more...]

My pink keyboard

iMac aluminum keyboard with pink silicone cover

Wiping the keyboard daily to get rid of dust and grime is a good idea but washing is an even better idea. The silicone skin can be soaped, rinsed then wiped dry before replacing over the keyboard. It was Speedy who originally wanted one for his MacBook Pro but found the P1600 price tag a bit steep. The one that fits the aluminum keyboard of my iMac was at P800 at PowerMac … [Read more...]