Celebration cake

Yesterday called for an unexpected celebration and I was inspired to bake a cake that reflected my feelings -- brilliantly dazzling and stupendous. This cake, which I call my celebration cake because no name could be more apt, is made with a very basic butter cake recipe … [Read more...]


Kit Kat confetti cake

It's our 20th wedding anniversary. When Speedy greeted me shortly after midnight, I exclaimed, "Imagine... 20 years of seeing you everyday..." And Sam interjected, "No, that's 20 years of feeding him everyday... No, no... that's 20 years of his tummy growing … [Read more...]


Basic sponge cake recipe

Last Christmas, I baked a Boston Cream Pie, I overdid the chocolate ganache topping and the custard filling, the finished product looked so messy that I didn't have the heart to post the recipe.But I learned one very important lesson that day -- the basic sponge … [Read more...]


Mango Royale with chocolate cookie crust

Chocolate and mangoes do go well together. And I probably wouldn't have discovered that if it weren't for Speedy's new version of one of our favorite summer desserts. Mango Royale is a no-cook dessert with a cracker and butter crust, and a filling of fresh sweet mangoes, … [Read more...]


Apple and walnut cake with cream cheese frosting

Based on the carrot cupcake recipe, this apple and walnut cake is moist inside with a light crisp crust on top, not too dense, not too sweet and the addition of roughly chopped walnuts provides a nice contrast to the otherwise old-fashioned texture. The cake is wonderful by … [Read more...]


Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

The cake is light and fluffy but it isn't a chiffon type cake. The frosting is made with cream cheese and cocoa powder. The experience of eating these cupcakes is nothing short of magical. Speedy and Alex consumed their share silently and that says a lot because if they're … [Read more...]