Celebration cake

Yesterday called for an unexpected celebration and I was inspired to bake a cake that reflected my feelings -- brilliantly dazzling and stupendous. This cake, which I call my … [Read more...]


Kit Kat confetti cake

It's our 20th wedding anniversary. When Speedy greeted me shortly after midnight, I exclaimed, "Imagine... 20 years of seeing you everyday..." And Sam interjected, "No, that's … [Read more...]


Basic sponge cake recipe

Last Christmas, I baked a Boston Cream Pie, I overdid the chocolate ganache topping and the custard filling, the finished product looked so messy that I didn't have the heart … [Read more...]


The most sinful chocolate cake

Among all the chocolate recipes I have tried -- and I have tried a lot -- this is the one I like best. It isn't a chiffon cake but it isn't a batter-type cake either. It is … [Read more...]


Chocolate cheesecake

In 2007, I baked my first chocolate cheesecake based on a recipe by Nigella Lawson. A couple of days ago, I baked my second chocolate cheesecake and I diverted from that old … [Read more...]